You can’t understand SEGA’s decision on Sonic

You can’t understand SEGA’s decision on Sonic

Oh Sonic. How not to love Sega’s Blue Hedgehog? Mario’s “opponent” is charismatic and good-natured, always winning a legion of fans with his irreverence and his game. The problem is, the games our colleagues have suffered recently don’t reflect the importance of Sonic as a character or one of the greatest franchises in video game history, which recently turned 30.

The latest Sonic Team game is called Sonic Frontier, was questioned by some fans. The situation for the game was so disastrous that they called for the title to be delayed to prevent this from becoming another disaster for the saga.But the sad thing about all of this is that it probably won’t even be delayed Sonic Frontier Will change what’s displayed on the screen, at least in terms of visual identity and other project fundamentals. The results of the race may be good, but the results we have received so far are not encouraging.

In addition, Blue Hedgehog has made other questionable decisions recently, such as removing classic games from digital stores and keeping only sonic origin usable. What happened to SEGA and Sonic Team?

skidding in green mountains

Sonic Frontier Feeling like a runaway car heading for a dead end? Yes. However, this isn’t the first blue hedgehog game with problems.​​​ Even though the game with questionable choices is Chaos Emerald, and Sonic already has them, it still lacks the space to store them. Sonic Boom: The Rise of Lyrics It’s a huge failure that hurts the anime of the same name greatly, at least keeping the kids entertained.

sonic and the black knight, shadow hedgehog, Sonic Shuffle, sonic hitchhiking… the list of disappointments is long. Of course, that’s not to mention the biggest mistake in the history of our dear hedgehog: Sonic the Hedgehognamed Sonic 06, tries to be a franchise reboot of the game, but it’s so bad that Sega hides that fact as much as possible. And we still think that after seeing Sonic kiss humans, Sega will be more careful with our heroes. However, it seems hard to see this happening.

Trust me, this Russian Roulette will produce some good games and become a franchise. Sonic ManiaJointly developed by PagodaWest Games and Headcannon Studios, it came out in 2017 and was considered a welcome respite from the saga. This is a game not made by Sonic Team, but by a group of developers who are fans of the Blue Hedgehog.

The care and love of the team has changed Sonic Mania It’s a very interesting nostalgic ride back when the saga was a reference to the 2D platform genre. sonic power Arrived in the same year, this sim was developed by Sonic Team.

If the hedgehog has an identity crisis, you can be sure of Team Sonic.Although it’s a very interesting game that respects the origins of the characters, looking at sonic power is quite complicated, especially when there are acclaimed Sonic Mania Compare.

out of breath

If Chaos Emerald can’t fall to Dr. Robotnik, it seems that Sonic games can’t fall under SEGA’s creative control.Order Sonic Mania Was cancelled and never got a trailer or preview.There are several speculations about what happened, but all point to SEGA Japan’s unease with the extremely positive response manic and Crazy Plusalthough sonic power…well, it’s one of those games of all time.

SEGA’s Western and Eastern divisions are no strangers to today. Even during Sonic’s conception, there was a complicated debate between the companies, and it seemed that whenever the theme was a hedgehog, the ground became more fragile. When a team managed to set the tone in a Sonic game, SEGA managed to lose touch with the developers and kill off a great franchise that could boost sales and allow Team Sonic to focus on creating something more emotional.

Although the team said they wanted to work on both 2D and 3D versions of the game, Sonic Frontier It feels like a very disjointed attempt to put characters in an open world. Getting Sonic to run around a free environment to explore requires fun, energy, and interaction with creatures other than robots or techno monsters. In the race to transform his style from classic to experimenting with innovation, Sonic catches the game breathlessly.

The idea of ​​teleporting Sonic to the open world is a good one, but what’s been shown so far looks terrible. On top of that, it gave the impression that SEGA itself wasn’t preparing anything very revolutionary for the character on his 30th birthday. The company’s last hedgehog-focused Sonic Central conference was a problematic demo, with few relevant ads and merchandise taking up truly relevant display space. It’s nice to know a company is releasing a new Sonic character, but it could be revealed in other ways than at a conference.

In the end, it seems like Sega really has nothing to show. So why do a demo? In the 30-year history of one of the biggest mascots in gaming, the company is betting on a remastered series and a game that questions more about the character’s direction. In the movie, however, Sonic does a great job, thank you.

In this case, it’s hard not to compare our beloved hedgehog to his longtime rival: Nintendo’s Mario.Even if the temporary release fails Super Mario 3D All StarsTrying to project something determined by the character.

Nintendo has already managed to revolutionize the franchise in 2017 with an unreleased debut with a masterpiece called Super Mario Odyssey and brought unprecedented new expansion Super Mario 3D World, known as Bowser’s Rage.Not to mention legendary spinoffs such as Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and Mario Striker: Battle League. Nintendo’s plumber’s history isn’t perfect, but unfortunately the balance is much more positive than Sonic’s.

The duality of the Sonic brand

Meanwhile, Sonic’s success in media beyond video games is undeniable.Both live-action films of the character are fun, lighthearted, respectful of the original material, and manage to provide a satisfying experience for adults like me who grew up with the character, while also pleasing to a new generation and other media who discover the character through the film , such as animation sonic boom.

The next adaptation is Sonic Prime, produced in partnership with Netflix and Wild Brain Studios, looks promising. During Sonic Central, we saw that Shadow will also be a part of the story, and we all know how much the antihero is beloved by fans of the series. Everything that doesn’t involve video games is working and working for Sonic. But what is it that makes SEGA’s blue hero so successful on the big screen, yet so dismal in the game?

Both easy and hard to run at the same time. Sonic became a franchise that spanned a generation, with several creative names falling in love with the character and working with it. Sonic Mania is a clear example of this enthusiasm and deserves to be cited again. The game is made by developers, artists and programmers who have basically turned into fans, who have had a chance to make something official from such a beloved brand. Despite the controversy with Ugly Sonic, the films breathed new life into the series.

sonic color and Sonic Generations Are two great examples of how Sonic Team can provide a very fun and safe experience when they want to. But now it appears that there are limited possibilities for how to handle roles in the eyes of developers.realistic look Sonic Frontier Weird and lacking in character, it doesn’t match the saga’s vibrant aesthetic or even the protagonist himself. Just like saying that Superman has to fly in a colorful sky, Sonic has to run in a colorful field.

You can’t separate Sonic from an environment full of life, animals, and animal-looking robots. The worldly kindness involving characters is exactly that. While the innovative attempts are effective, the scene of teleporting Sonic to a few colors doesn’t seem exciting.At the end of the day, I don’t want to control Sonic in what looks like it was created by Sam Bridges from death strandingI don’t think you are either.

no time to run

Unfortunately, if all our worries Sonic Frontier Come true, and we’ll have yet another disaster at the hands of Sega.As someone who really loves this character, it’s a shame to see the same hero take up hours of my life Sonic Adventure 2 There is so much attention and distrust right now about the Dreamcast.

I’d love to be a genius and be able to give SEGA the right path to follow this role, but I’m not a developer. I also know it won’t be easy because Sonic is 30 years old. Between betting novelty and nostalgia, in 3D and 2D visuals, the hedgehog becomes a giant spiraling attempt, without identity, to maintain the charisma of the characters that make up the universe as we know it.

I hope Sega understands that over time, maybe it’s time to stop and evaluate what’s working and what’s not in the franchise, and work out a safer, if not so revolutionary, course. Sonic Mania A good (perhaps unique) example in recent releases, but we can also agree that appealing to nostalgia without dreaming of being a little bold won’t work in the long run. On the other hand, mischaracterizing characters (I’m looking at you, Sonic 06) is never a good idea. It’s a worse idea to delete old games from the store to replace them with new series.

At a time when this blue hedgehog seems to be running, gaining momentum, but stumbles and loses his ring every two games, maybe it’s time for him to put his feet down and wait for the developers to actually come up with a great idea to honor the franchise. Maybe constructive feedback from fans will serve as a starting point, right?

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