Upgrade 3 PlayStation Trophies to Platinum in 24 hours

Upgrade 3 PlayStation Trophies to Platinum in 24 hours

when. . .when game console 3 Launched in 2006, sony soon added a trophy mode to their game that can match and even match Xbox Achievement add-ons, many gamers have spent countless hours searching for the elusive PlayStation trophy.

Recently, due to the focus on fun challenges and less online play, earning platinum trophies has become quite easy, which is a blessing as having to spend hours online to complete challenges is boring and even complicated because it depends on other players and Some of them are very toxic!


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trophy game station Unlocking is fun, but some of it It may take hours to leave the real world. Anyway, some people will “only” take you 20 to 24 hours to conquer. So sit back, eat something nutritious, and check out these 3 games that can get you platinum faster if you can!

3. 7 days of death – 8:50pm


7 days dead is a multiplayer zombie survival game that comes with various grinding trophies like killing 2500 zombies. However, the trophy”almost immortal“Requires the player to survive 1250 minutes (20 hours 50 minutes) without dying. Luckily, the risk during gameplay can be reduced thanks to a plethora of options and weapon mods in 7 Days to Die, such as Scavenger Difficulty and “No Run’ Zombies, it’s easier to survive than expected. Of course, that hasn’t stopped determined players from trying for trophies in more difficult situations.

2. Project car – 24 hours


car project is a fun and realistic racing experience that pays homage to some of the greatest driving experiences in history. For many tough real-world races, such as the 24 Hours of Le Mans, finalists can run into hurdles as they are asked to complete the 24 hours in real time.

Since there’s no way to cheat with Project CARS’ internal clock, players will need to leave their PS4 on for a full day without using any game modifiers. The trophy description also recommends players play their 24-hour run, but luckily, it only takes patience and determination to actually get this achievement.

1. Beat Saber – 24 hours


As in the example above, a dynamic rhythm game VR Beat Saber Requires 24 hours of total playtime to unlock trophies sooner or laterHowever, players can’t just leave the console overnight: the timer only counts when a certain level of music is playing.

Playing a song or pausing the game interrupts Beat Saber’s internal clock, which means it can take days of gameplay even with all the other trophies earned. Fortunately, Beat Saber’s addictive soundtrack and No Fail game modifier reduce the effort required for players to find this time-consuming trophy.

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