THE BALL – Discipline, Arbitration and Changes in Play (League)

THE BALL – Discipline, Arbitration and Changes in Play (League)

Proposals to discuss and approve amendments to the Competition, Disciplinary and Arbitration Regulations were presented at the General Assembly today by the Alliance Board of Directors. From a league perspective, they are timely changes to improve the rules and respond to clubs’ concerns. They touched on several topics such as next season’s League Cup, dematerialisation of tickets, security, summary disciplinary procedures, the implementation of video arbitration in League 2.

The criminal framework for Disciplinary Regulation (DR), which has been tightened in recent years, will not change as the board understands that there is a balance between the speed of case resolution and the security of the accused. However, the disciplinary rules will change. The committee recommends that in the summary procedure, prosecution is easier and more flexible because it is based on a presumption of the veracity of the person who gave the report (referee, representative or police), and the reasoning of the Faculty Committee (CI) and Disciplinary Committee (CD) is more whole. This means that CI and CD must indicate in the report description which project the defendant violated. There is an obligation to provide reasons that help to respect the defendant’s assurances and promote transparency.

Also on the RD, and in response to the league’s and clubs’ weekly concerns, the CI and CD will, upon request, state when sanctions will begin to be imposed. The procedure, which started last season unofficially, now serves as an official link to clarify concerns when a player is given a precautionary suspension for a few days, followed by a suspension penalty.

VAR in League 2
The proposals made open the door to the introduction of VAR in La Liga 2. La Liga and the Commonwealth are working on an agreement, which has not yet been formalized, but new regulations, if approved, will allow the use of technology in the 2022/2023 season. The solution is to change the refereeing rules to create the possibility of specifying VAR and AVAR for 2 La Liga matches .

“Playoffs” in uniform
The league proposes to standardize the rules for the play-offs between teams in Leagues 1 and 2 and teams in La Liga 2 and 3. So in the two play-offs, according to UEFA standards, the away goals are higher, just in case the combined draw of the two games. There will be extra time and, if necessary, penalties. The draw will determine which team plays at home first.

To facilitate safety, information exchange between game promoters and organizers, the League Committee recommends that safety meetings for Level 1 games (attended by safety directors from visiting and visiting clubs, leagues, PSP or GNR, Civil Defence and Fire Departments) will be Held a week before, not just on the day of the meeting. The board believes that this will allow for a better exchange of information and organization, i.e. on the movement of supporters or meeting venues or other related issues. On match days, one hour before kick-off, a meeting will be held to update information.

The league wants to condense the rules on ticketing, which were fragmented in previous rules. It is a step towards the dematerialization of tickets. Ticket exchanges will be dematerialized, i.e. ticket vouchers will no longer be sent to away teams. Once the dematerialized tickets are received by the visiting team, they can be sold through different digital platforms (email, app, mobile) or at the box office (print). The proposal includes an escape valve for next season for clubs unable to abide by the new rules, but if tickets cannot be mailed, the cost of printing tickets for visiting clubs will be paid by the visiting clubs to digitise…

League Cup
The event, which is highly valued by the board, will be changed through interim rules as the World Cup takes place in Qatar. It will be played in the group stage and three knockout matches (quarter-final, semi-final and final). The first stage will have 8 groups (teams from Liga 1 and Liga 2, excluding Team B): the 8 highest-ranked groups in Liga 1 lead; the remaining groups are allocated in order by group. The group stage will be held from November 18th to December 17th. The Final Four will be held from December 20th to 23rd.


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