Sky.One Connect 2022 will feature Walter Longo and Rafael Cortez

Sky.One Connect 2022 will feature Walter Longo and Rafael Cortez

June 10, 2022

This Sky One, The company develops a technology platform specifically for the digital development of the companyjust published the third edition Sky.One connection. The event will be June 14, 2pm-9pm, in a hybrid format, will be completely free to the public And will feature four knowledge paths – Transformative Experiences, Democratisation of Technology, Cybersecurity and Culture and People – which will be lectured at all stages of the retail, general business, service and software maker sectors.

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Registration is now open and can be completed through the events page until June 13. The live edition will be held at Hotel Unique in São Paulo, which can be closed at any time due to limited space and limited registration. On the day of the event, those who plan to attend in an online-only format can still register.

This year, the event will be opened by three keynote speakers, with host and comedian Rafael Cortez serving as the emcee of ceremonies.

Innovation and Digital Transformation Specialist, Former President of Grupo Abril, Walter Longoproblem to be solved metaversewhile the founder and editor-in-chief of the Startups portal, Gustavo Brigatoand the CEO of Sky.One, Ricardo Brandonwhich will provide an overview of key business trends and technology markets in Brazil and globally.

At the previous event in 2021, the event was 100% digital, with more than 2,700 registrations, 45% from C-level audiences and corporate directors, 40% from consultants and analysts, and 15% from other fields. , for example as students, interns and the media.

Ricardo Brandão, CEO of Sky.One, said that the event will be a great opportunity to bring together the greatest experts in the ecosystem – startups, ISVs and companies from different fields – to explore Tecnocene concept, which prioritizes technology at the center of society and human behavior, and takes the opportunity to discuss possible business opportunities.

Technology is constantly changing, therefore, companies must always update themselves to keep up with it. We believe that as a technology company, we have an obligation to demystify new concepts and therefore stay at the forefront of technology.. Through Sky.One Connect, we hope to reach leaders, entrepreneurs and managers looking for solutions to simplify their digital journey.“, explain.

Sky.One Connect Experience 2022: Hyper-Digital and Metaverse

The event promises to provide participants with an overview of the hyper-digitization that has occurred in recent years, as well as guidelines for the key actions companies must take to avoid future business losses.With this theme, the lecture will discuss Cybersecurity, cryptocurrencies, blockchain, NFTS, innovation journeys and technology trends.

In order to get closer to the metaverse, the event will bring new reflections and demystify its concept. “We understand that The Metaverse will be the future. The fundamental basis for what is happening now is the digital evolution we have experienced so far. In order for the metaverse to function, it is necessary to implement important structures such as 5G, cloud, integration and security,” stressed Brandão.

For online audiences, the experience will be: access to the live event track, digital exclusive track, access to a Q&A (Q&A) with the keynote and emcee after the lecture, access to the stand virtual sponsors and interaction with other online event attendees. The experience promises to be very immersive, similar to being face-to-face!

Click here to register and get more information.

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