São Paulo Futebol Clube and Bitso to accept cryptocurrencies in ticket sales – Money Times

São Paulo Futebol Clube and Bitso to accept cryptocurrencies in ticket sales – Money Times

Sao Paulo Peso
São Paulo is the first Brazilian club to accept cryptocurrencies when buying match tickets (Photo: São Paulo Futebol Clube/Reproduction)

sao paulo football club and peso, cryptocurrency exchange, announced that members of the club’s Sócio Torcedor program can now purchase match tickets with cryptocurrency.The initiative makes Sao Paulo the first Brazilian team to accept cryptocurrency as payment at the time of ticket purchase.

partnership between peso This is SPFC Start this January, and announced that the agent will sponsor the club for 3 years.The new payment option applies to all games at home in Sao Paulo, whether in Morumby or at another stage.

Currently, this option is only available to registered supporters who have received a membership card for the program. Expect access to expand to other fans soon.

buy a ticket cryptocurrencySupport members must follow the usual process for purchasing through the website full accessregister as ST member and choose payment method cryptocurrency.

Available in Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Ethereum (ETH), Wrapped Bitcoin (WBTC), Litecoin (LTC), Dogecoin (DOGE), Shiba Inu (SHIB) and five USD support stablecoins (GUSD), USDC, USDP, DAI and BUSD).

The process can also be carried out through the company’s own platform. peso.

Tickets are already planned in Sao Paulo and Peso

Antônio Mota, Marketing Director of Bitso in Brazil, said the possibility to buy tickets for matches of “your favorite team” was opened to Sao Paulo fans cryptocurrency This has been one of the main goals of the agency since its partnership with the club.

“Being able to offer this service for the first time in Brazil is an important step in Bitso’s mission to cryptocurrency more accessible and useful in people’s daily lives, promoting greater freedom and financial inclusion for Brazilians,” he commented.

This peso also a partner sao paulo in custody and settlement with Crypto assetsAccording to the brokerage, this provides security, liquidity and low cost for the financial management of the club.

For Eduardo Toni, Executive Marketing Director of Sao Paulo, giving fans more choice is an important step towards making Morumbi a more modern stadium and making cryptocurrencies more accessible to everyone.

“We are delighted to launch this groundbreaking initiative and provide an innovative experience for the residents of São Paulo. Together with Bitso and being the first club in Brazil to bring more modernity, freedom and accessibility to fans through cryptocurrency, let us Proud and joyful. São Paulo’s DNA is always innovative”, commented Toni.

São Paulo Fan Token is coming to Bitso

in with The age of encryptionAccording to Thales Freitas, CEO of Bitso Brazil, the selection of the crypto asset used to pay for the tickets was made with a partner that facilitates the payment, and the main one was chosen.

“Fans choose to pay with their favorite Bitcoin, we’ll see if the next one will be purchased with Litecoin (LTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Ether (ETH), we’ll be adding more options soon”, He says.

Freitas explained that Bitso is working to get listed as soon as possible fan token From São Paulo, but no firm date yet. “I hope it will be available soon so fans can negotiate.”

The CEO concluded by saying that Bitso has been concerned about a number of NFT: “Various initiatives involving NFTs and change are on our ‘roadmap’. These are the ideas we intend to explore to increase fan engagement in Sao Paulo”, he concluded.

The first São Paulo to buy tickets with Bitcoin (BTC)

Fábio Gloeden Brum is the first Brazilian fan to buy tickets cryptocurrencyand selected Bitcoin (BTC) as a payment method.

To mark the occasion, Bitso and the SPFC presented Brum with a Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) Represents the first ticket purchased with Bitcoin in the country.

“I was very happy when I learned that I was the first fan in Brazil to buy tickets with Bitcoin and that I left my name in the history of Sao Paulo and Brazilian football. To be able to be part of this with my team This historic moment is an honor and I am very grateful to Bitso for this,” he said.

He said he was already interested in investing in cryptocurrencies, and now knowing that he can not only earn an income, but also use the facility for transactions and payments in his day-to-day life makes him “even more excited to dive into the world of cryptocurrencies.”

Bloom tells The age of encryption Already a membership supporter and frequent visitor to Moremby Stadium, the moment he saw the cryptocurrency ticketing feature, he wanted to test it out.

“I was able to buy easily. The Bitso app was very intuitive, I used the code generation method and made the purchase. It was a lot of fun,” he said.

The fan said he chose to pay with Bitcoin (BTC) because it is the “most common and well-known” cryptocurrency and he already knows how to use it.

According to Brum, he had previously invested in cryptocurrencies but ended his position not long ago, but recently regained a position in the asset due to Bitso’s announcement of a partnership with São Paulo.

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