Prom – Luis Felipe Vieira speaks again: Rui Costa, Rui Pedro Braz, Pinto da Costa, Frederico Varandas and Cases of Discipline (Benfica)

Prom – Luis Felipe Vieira speaks again: Rui Costa, Rui Pedro Braz, Pinto da Costa, Frederico Varandas and Cases of Discipline (Benfica)

The former president of Benfica spoke to CMTV again on Tuesday. In the studio are Diamantino Miranda, João Malheiro and Pedro Guerra, as well as presenter João Ferreira.

The first is a clarification of the previous day’s interview. Luís Filipe Vieira did not have lunch with judicial police officers on the day of his arrest, but with inspectors from the tax office.

Luis Philippe Vieira begins his speech: “The chair is elected by the members. I was there for five or six semesters, not because I liked it. Another thing: I mentioned how I was different from Rui Costa. Anyone who doesn’t sit down is not a good person Son, I think Rui Costa’s speech at his entrance while I was in custody was very inaccurate. If he calls to apologize because he knows I work for Benfica… For some reason, he Said Vieira’s battery would never run out. I was never Ricosta’s enemy. I told you when I had a disagreement with him. Should I apologize? I already said yes. He wasn’t The one who gave the speech. I know who that is, the former Benfica manager, and if I were in his place, I would refuse to read it.”

«I will sue Luís Filipe Vieira for defamation»now announces João Malheiro, about the words of the former Benfica president in an interview the day before, referring to the commentator’s connection with Eusebio.

“Go and talk to Flora [mulher do Eusébio] And, if you’re being polite, apologize for what you’ve done. Archive any process you want and I won’t talk about Eusébio any more », Luís Filipe Vieira responded.

Did you get support after the interview? «I walk the streets every day and my answer is always the same: for me, Benfica is over. This is clear. I gave Benfica a job for 20 years and only in the last two years did I get a vacation. Work is at hand. “

Diamantino questions Vieira directly: You’ve only won the National Championship in the last five years, what mistakes have you made? “It’s not because of a lack of work. In football, you win, lose and make peace. Benfica dominated Portuguese football for a few years and when he started changing teams, the difficulties were obvious. But Benfica have been fighting, it’s not for lack of jobs.”

«For example, in the first year of Jorge Jesus, I have no doubt that the Covid situation is very serious. The players said they had recovered and could not even run. With Bruno Lager we only lost to Porto at the end of the first round, and in the second round I don’t know what happened. It’s not a lack of discipline or professionalism, we have a good team and everything shows we’re going to be champions. Should I insure Bruno Lage? Benfica is complicated because Benfica fans don’t know how to wait. If they know how to wait, Benfica will have a great team from Cesar. Bruno Lage is the fashion coach, look what they did to him. Someone whistled. So did Rui Vitória, who won six titles in three years. “

Did you authorize Pinto da Costa to film the show at Estádio da Luz? «If someone has a disagreement with Pinto da Costa, it’s always me, but I always console him. I don’t see an enemy in football. We are in a moment of calm in Portuguese football. When he spoke to me, I told him it was okay as long as he didn’t speak ill of Benfica. I gave authorization and I don’t think it hurts. Ricosta also shook hands with Pinto da Costa, who appeared to have committed a crime. These pet hatreds are going nowhere. Benfica needs other people, and other people need Benfica even more. I have no regrets. I never sat next to him and he never sat next to me. “

Diamantino’s new question to Luis Felipe Vieira: Why do you meet Benfica haters in Cesar? «The only person I received in Seixal was a fan of FC Porto who passed by and wanted to talk to me, Vítor Catão. It’s my fault, I admit. If I knew this program was for these conversations, I wouldn’t be here. I think this is hypocritical. “

Positive aspects of the current board? «Rui Costa is judged by what he does, just like me. I saw the positives and I saw many negatives. At the moment, Seixal is closing a bit, and it’s fine now, but the people there aren’t. “

The case of Rafa, Pizzi and Grimaldo? “It makes me want to laugh. The worst situation for Benfica is between Cardoso and Jorge Jesus. One doesn’t want to play and if Cardoso is there, Jesus won’t be coaching Benfica again. Solved by describing me More indiscipline after the Porto game recently. Benfica is doing something that didn’t happen in my time. I’ll be there to talk to them. They know I’ll be there soon Will change the tone. It’s not Rui Pedro Blaz who has the strength to lead Benfica in the dressing room. Some rants were allowed against Porto, not someone pushing Pizzi under the shower, everyone knows He’s a great professional. Everyone knows assistants will tell Jorge Jesus. Benfica is run by the media. Who’s out? There’s someone inside.”

«I think I am the one who recognizes Rui Pedro Braz. He has made a lot of mistakes at Benfica and he is still there. Who is the president? They sold Waldschmidt for 12 million euros and we are going to sell it for 25 million euros. Before the arrest, I told Rui Pedro Braz to never sell a player again without me saying the price, as happened with Nuno Tavares. If I were president, I would no longer work at Benfica. “

«When I left, Rui Pedro Braz said he was alone there and knew nothing about it. Someone needs to teach him. I know what I’m talking about when I say he made the bed for Jesus (…) Now some people in Benfica suffer from amnesia (…) If I tell all the truth about where I live in Benfica … »

Agreement with Athletic President: Frederico Varandas called me to adjust the salary cap. We met, and the people in charge of Benfica and sport. This is a non-aggression pact. This approach has reached a level of sophistication for any club. Did it work? Benfica and Sport have complied »,

Last message: «Benfica fans must give Rui Costa time. They can’t ask them to go 100% from one moment to the next. , it seems to me that you are doing a good job. Some things, maybe, I won’t do, but the Benfica family has to come together. What makes me even more happy is celebrating the title. May Rui be there for many years and win many championships.

Finally, one last question for Luís Filipe Vieira: Are you going to the convention on Wednesday? “I’m not here,” he replied.


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