PC PB Contest 4th Place: Meet Kelly Barbosa Mota!

PC PB Contest 4th Place: Meet Kelly Barbosa Mota!

PC PB Contest 4th Place: Meet Kelly Barbosa Mota!

When Kelly Barbosa Mota discovered that the PC PB competition offered openings for forensic dentist positions, she knew it was a great opportunity to enter the public service. After all, she’s been interested in that field since graduation and is looking for stability.

This is how Kelly Barbosa Mota began intensive preparations for the new selection of the Paraíba State Police, which took an average of eight months in total. She said she had staked everything on her studies since before publication, aiming to spend six to eight hours a day: “I do it because I know the difficulty of the competition and the low offers for vacancies”Add to.

In addition to making a series of resignations during this period (such as not going out with friends, limiting the use of social networks), Kelly Barbosa Mota also had to reconcile PC PB Contest study with work.

“To reconcile, I get up at 4am to study until work time (7am). I also study at lunchtime and when I get home.”

All of Kelly Barbosa’s efforts culminated in the announcement of the results of the PC PB competition: not only was she approved, she was awarded fourth place for the position of Forensic Dentist.

“The feeling is indescribable and I haven’t sunk into it yet. But if I had to put it into words, it was a great sense of accomplishment and it was all worth it.”

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Kelly Barbosa, who won her dream job and gained recognition, shared that she did not intend to continue studying for the open tender at first. With all her hard work, dedication and focus, she #Arrived There!

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Kelly Barbossa Study Tips and Tricks

In her preparation, Kelly Barbosa says she spends 3 hours a day perfecting her specific knowledge of the PC PB competition Odotolegist Expert position. She also says that the Pomodoro Technique and video/PDF interleaving are also strategies that have helped her a lot in preparation.

For the consent to proceed with the approval, she left a reminder:

“Schedule your time and focus on the end goal. Despite being tired and frustrated for a few days, it’s a courage to remember to learn and imagine the reasons for your dream job. So don’t give up! Approval will come and feel your best.”

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