Paraná provides IT solutions for restaurants

Paraná provides IT solutions for restaurants

Technology management systems with automation and integration have helped food service networks return to growth after the Covid-19-induced crisis eased. One example is Brasilia, which is preparing to regain its dominance in the national gastronomy scene with the help of automation. The Federal District is the third largest gastronomic center in Brazil, after the Rio-São Paulo axis.

With the creation of the gastronomy space and the expansion of the restaurant chain in the Central Highlands, many companies have resorted to using technology to manage their operations. These systems are able to automate processes for greater specialization, reduce operational activities, save time, and increase productivity as these software allow business to be analyzed and help make decisive decisions.

“We chose to invest in a system to have more control and security in our processes, primarily integrating our stores through a centralized back office. This brings greater consistency to the process and also enables management More professional and organized,” says Wender Fonseca de Oliveira, network and data communications analyst at Mult, which invests in management technology. The group is responsible for the Argentinian restaurant Caminito Parrilla, which has two stores, Nazo Japanese Food, and two others, as well as Eat!, which specializes in pokes and salads.

The option is to partner with EVEREST 3.0, a management platform specialized in food service, developed by ACOM Sistemas, a food technology company from the state of Paraná with expertise in managing restaurant chains – due to high revenue, the company It even expanded its operations to the federal capital. Food market in the area.

Eduardo Ferreira, the technology company’s CCO, said, “One of the things that attracts customers most to EVEREST is that it is a solution that not only manages stores centrally, but all stores in the network. . , the perfect moment to live in the Brasilia market”.

An example raised by experts involves inventory management, which can range from purchasing processes that can be centralized or by store, through negotiations with suppliers, reviewing receipts, to maintaining general inventory across the network. The system itself is based on machine learning and allows managers to conduct analysis with detailed information about goods such as average cost, movement, rest, waste rate; in short, everything helps to make the right decision for the business.

“We need greater inventory control and more organization when arranging payments. These reports are definitely the main point of adoption for our unit”, says Aelson Souza Siqueira, Logistics Manager, who is responsible for the back end of the Santé Bar e Restaurante chain, The chain has two stores in Brasilia, also belonging to Açaí Artesanal., with five stores.

Ferreira also explained that the financial and financial management driven by EVEREST is also integrated with other operations, and everything that happens in business routines is directly reflected in the numbers and calculations performed by the system. The resulting information can be managed individually, viewed store-by-store, or in a consolidated manner, with reports providing a complete overview of a company’s financial and accounting health. All are accessible to responsible teams, whether in-house or outsourced.

The implementation process of EVEREST is done remotely, following a user-friendly model, allowing installation without stopping the operation of the client, i.e. without affecting business routines. As it is a highly specialized solution in food service, every stage of the implementation process is designed to meet the minimum needs of the customer, this is possible because ACOM Sistemas has a team from the market and understands the main challenges who want to develop in a segmented market.

The opportunities that ACOM Sistemas has found in the central Planalto region are in line with the growth aspirations of the company, which has carefully studied the developments in the federal capital and is convinced that it will be able to contribute a lot with the development of this important hub. Food. “Companies in Brasilia have characteristics that we are generally accustomed to. Large corporations, whether it is a store or a chain, have a common desire to transform management and increase performance to another level.

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