Overwatch 2 | News on PvP, Queen Junkers, and More

Overwatch 2 | News on PvP, Queen Junkers, and More

Blizzard will hold a live broadcast on Thursday (16th), revealing more details Overwatch 2. The game’s PvP (player-to-player) mode will be available for free early access on October 4 on Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

In addition to following the event, we also attended press conferences with Aaron Keller (director), Dion Rogers (art director), Jon Spector (VP). Overwatch and Commercial Director), Geoff Goodman (Lead Hero Designer), Gavin Jurgens-Fyhrie (Lead Narrative Designer) and Kacey Helms (Senior Art Director).

Here’s what Blizzard shared during the stream and interviews, including plans for the game season and Battle Pass, questions about the promised PvE (player-versus-environment), details about new hero Junker Queen, and more.

Overwatch 2 takes the form of games-as-a-service

Blizzard bowed to the demands of fans and the success model of many games today. Contrary to what happened in the first game of the franchise, PvP Overwatch 2 It will be free for everyone. Like games that follow this format, the hero shooter will have seasons and battle passes.

It’s unclear if the Battle Pass will have free and paid offshoots, as well as more attractive rewards, as has been done in similar titles Destiny 2 and immortal diablo. More details about this system will be announced at a later date. Blizzard mentioned that these seasons are expected to last about nine weeks and will occasionally bring new playable heroes as well as new maps.

At the event, Aaron Keller admitted, Overwatch The failure to deliver satisfying and frequent content for the first game has been highly praised by the community in recent years. This should change with the free format, which promises a higher frequency of unpublished content. “We are frustrated. We carefully study our strategy Overwatch 2 To ensure we can deliver new heroes, maps, modes, etc. to the community on a frequency and consistency basis. “

Overwatch 2 has two seasons planned, including new characters, maps, and more. (Image: Publicity/Blizzard)

Plans for the first season

As early as October 4th, when Early Access begins, the game’s PvP will receive the following news: Three new heroes (The Sojourner, Junker Queen, and a third support character have yet to be announced); Six new maps (not yet listed, But we’ve confirmed seven locations for the game: New York, Toronto, Rome, Rio de Janeiro, Gothenburg, Monte Carlo, and India); a new game mode called Advance; over 30 never-before-seen skins; This is a new rarity level that can be customized by the player.

In the image below we already have a stunning example of a Mythical skin showing a variation of the same appearance for Genji. According to the team, the idea is to release at least one such skin every season, and in addition to bringing customization options, it will also have an effect on the character’s animation during gameplay. Keller cited Genji’s skin as an example, mentioning that he can choose between different colors, weapons, and that his mask opens when the ultimate is activated. Rogers added: “We’re trying something unique with each Mythic skin, and we use our best artists to make them. We give them really cool effects and details.”

Concept art showing Genji’s mythical skin with a cyberpunk-inspired look. (Image: Publicity/Blizzard)

Cosmetics, including skins, emotes, and other unlockable items, are available through the in-game store and the Battle Pass – no more loot boxes. Other rewards will continue to be distributed through Weekly Challenges and Competitive Mode achievements. In addition to the mythical skins, there are more cosmetic novelties: amulets, charms that can be equipped on a character’s weapons; and flags that can be placed by the hero through animations.

second season Overwatch 2 Scheduled for a December 6 release, Blizzard plans to offer a new tank character hero (not yet announced), a brand new map, over 30 skins, a Mythic skin, and of course a new Battle Pass rework reward . For 2023, the idea is to release more characters, modes, maps, visuals, and long-awaited PvE content that will bring missions focused on the franchise’s history. Note that not every season will bring new maps and heroes, as the team plans to work on an average of three characters and three locations per year.

In Overwatch 2, players will be able to customize their weapons with pendants (Pic: Handout/Blizzard)

PvE for 2023

first Overwatch There’s no single-player campaign, which frustrates players, but Blizzard has expanded the game’s story with animated shorts, comic books, and narrative stories. These characters are beloved by the community, which has been asking for more saga-focused content.

Blizzard plans to release PvE missions with story sections throughout the season Overwatch 2, you can play cooperatively with friends. The livestream stated that the content would arrive via a “livestreaming service,” but did not specify whether it would be free or paid within the game store. Also expect more dialogue between the heroes in the game, which will provide information about the plot. Overall, narrative content is still not much defined, and the team says they are looking into the possibilities of how to expand the story in the game.

General changes to gameplay, visuals and audio

As previously announced, Overwatch 2 The 6-on-6 division was abandoned, with 5 players per team (5-on-5). According to the development team, this change will make the game more fast-paced and dynamic, in addition to increasing the importance of each player in combat. In this format, each group must choose 1 tank character, 2 supports, and 2 attackers.

Some heroes such as Orisa and Doomfist received major changes. Like giant robots, no more shields, characters are more aggressive, and fighter jets are now tanks. Keller said the team will be following community feedback during the beta, and as expected, the game will continue to make balance adjustments.

“I don’t think we’ll see a big rework like Orisa’s at launch, but there’s a lot of other changes to the heroes until then,” Keller explained. The director promises that most of the balance tweaks will be applied at the start of each season, allowing players to explore metadata throughout the season. Jon Spector emphasized that the team intends to maintain regular communication with all fans in order to keep them informed of the changes and intentions behind them.

Orisa is the character that has undergone the biggest overhaul for the development team. (Image: Publicity/Blizzard)

Assault maps (Hanamura, Moon Horizon Colony, Paris, Temple of Anubis, and Volskaya Industries) are no longer part of Quick Play and Competitive Mode.With the coming Overwatch 2, these areas can only be accessed in a custom game or workshop. Keller explained the reason for the removal:

“Assault maps have some gameplay issues that we can’t fix. So we’re not going to bring them back, at least permanently in Quick and Competitive play. But what we want to do is get some of these maps, or at least some of them exterior to build new maps from. I like the tone and vibe of these places, I think they tell a story Overwatch Have. So we want to bring them back somehow, we don’t have anything to announce right now. “

D.Va and her mech get new default skins for Overwatch 2. (Image: Playback/Blizzard)

As we already know, the appearance is also different. Overwatch 2 runs on a graphics engine like never before, bringing more detail and texture to the environment, improved effects and other improvements. Original visuals have been overhauled for many characters, including Tracer, Lucio, Angel, Genji, Mei, D.Va, and more.

Finally, the sequel has overhauled sound and sound effects, with support for Dolby Atmos and 3D audio in next-generation consoles. The team also developed new interactions and dialogues for the characters (over 25,000 unpublished lines were written and will gradually appear in the game).

Queen Junkers is here

Queen Junker promises to bring chaos and destruction to Overwatch. (Image: Publicity/Blizzard)

Finally, after a few years of waiting, Queen Junker (or Queen Junker in Portuguese) will appear as a playable character in Overwatch 2. She was originally introduced as an Easter egg in the Junkerstown map that appeared in the first game of 2017. Since then, fans have been looking forward to seeing her in full at the game.

She takes on the role of a tank in the game, carrying a massive axe, melee weapon and blade, affectionately known as Gracie, which she can throw. For the ultimate ability, Queen Junker creates a charge that can trample anyone. Anyone hit, in addition to taking damage, will have their healing status reduced to zero. The developers claim that she’s a character that’s good at closing in on enemies, as her blows are mostly focused on close combat.

The character is Australian and has been described as ruthless, fierce and with a lot of attitude. “The team worked really hard to try and capture the Aussie punk aesthetic for Junker Queen, and that was reflected in the look, the playstyle and even the music in the film’s video,” said Kacey Helms, who also confirmed that from Furiosa Mad Max: Fury Roadas the inspiration for the creation of the Queen.

To pique fans’ curiosity, Gavin Jurgens-Fyhrie mentioned that Junker Queen isn’t a fan of Junkrat (she actually hates him), that her relationship with Roadhog is “a bit complicated”, and that she has a strong opinion of Wrecking Ball. Of course, we’ll learn more about all of this in-game through the interactions between characters in the game.

launch preparation

Overwatch 2 There will be another closed beta before launch, this time for consoles and PC, where we’ll be able to test Junker Queen – apps can be made here. In the big day of PvP debut, the entire multiplayer environment of the first game will be unified with the sequel.

“Everyone will be playing together, and it’s important for the team that all players have access to everything at the same time,” commented Keller.Don’t worry: the cosmetic items you get from the first game will carry over to Overwatch 2. More details on how this all works will be announced later.

The Rio Atlas will be available when Overwatch launches. (Image: Publicity/Blizzard)

Editor’s Note: Activision Blizzard is currently under investigation for allegations of sexual harassment, bullying and misconduct. For more information, click here.

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