Overcome the monster in politics

Overcome the monster in politics

Overcome the monster in politics

To overcome monsters in politics, article Gaudêncio Torquato

Insanity continues to pave the way for rulers.Rogue, mediocrity, vanity, ignorance, hypocrisy and populism flood public spaces

Rulers of different ideologies contributed effectively to the degeneration of government art, for which Saint-Just, one of the Jacobins of the French Revolution, had already expressed great disillusionment in the mid-18th century: “All art To create miracles, except for the art of domination, it only produces monsters.” The phrase was intended to show the image of a dictator.

Today, insanity continues to pave the way for rulers. Rogue, mediocrity, vanity, ignorance, hypocrisy and populism flood the public space.

Do you remember in Italy, Silvio Berlusconi attended his “bunga-bunga” party where 26 girls were brought to him for prostitution by a gang and a prostitution network? Berlusconi is preparing to re-enter the political arena. Remember the famous lingerie dollar flash involving our politicians?

Vladimir Putin has presented the community with an athletic image of the athlete and shown himself as a staunch defender of Russian sovereignty, but for more than three months he has been harassing Ukraine, territorializing a former Soviet satellite for ashes. reason? He wants to integrate parts of the country into Russia. A world superpower destroys a neighbor under the confused gaze of the world.

One of the most shocking scenes on Earth recently was the murder of Genivaldo de Jesus Santos, a black man who was detained by federal highway police for not wearing a helmet, forced into the trunk of a car, and police threw bomb smoke. Reminiscent of Nazi concentration camp gas chambers .

They remember Pedro Alesso, the vice-president of Marshal Costa Silva. Speaking of the AI-5, he said: “The problem with the law is not with you (Costa Silva) nor with those who run the country with you. The problem is with the cornerbacks.”

What explains the tendency of public figures to play actors in dastardly dramas, shameful rituals, and still abuse foul language that doesn’t fit their position? What explains the image of lawmakers messing with the budget to flood the electoral process with resources? Does the government use money as a means to win over parliamentary support?

The answer is: depoliticization and deideology, the low degree of institutionalization of the state, the secular political culture, these factors are amplified in Brazil with the lack of mass education.

Here and elsewhere, the traditional mechanisms of liberal democracy have degenerated. Here I return to the paradigm of “pure chaos”, which Professor Samuel Huntington (Harvard University, USA) sees as a contemporary phenomenon rooted in the worldwide breakdown of law and order, drug cartels, the destruction of families , in short, in a crime wave, in a decline in confidence in politics.

Examples are everywhere. How can you demand respect from citizens if leaders are not the best mirrors of behavior patterns? We are going through one of the most troublesome cycles in politics. The image of St Just at the beginning of this article pricks our conscience and confirms the fact that the art of governance has always been a monster laboratory.

How can you praise a group of cops for taking action against mentally ill people? How could a man with the least responsibility openly preach violence, the need to arm the population, mock the judiciary, sing war songs to mobilize fighters?

The public sphere became an arena of interest, attracting people from all walks of life. The road of Res Publica diverges from that of private enterprises. Hannah Arendt’s diagnosis was: “A bourgeois society based on competition and consumerism developed apathy and hostility towards public life, not only among the excluded, but also in elements of the bourgeoisie itself.

Economic activity began to take precedence over public life. Voters move away from political parties and form cores related to work and corporate life – unions, associations, movements. This is the new face of politics. These spaces are very important in the decision-making process of electing a new chief representative.

Unfortunately, we will have to live with these discords for a long time: MPs arguing with each other in plenary meetings, street fights between militants, bribery, ridicule and applause.

How to clean up the dirt that obscures political imagery? Reinvention aimed at saving morality is the task of more than one generation. Step 1: Public officials must strictly perform their duties. Second, those who cross the border and violate the law will be punished. Third: Revocation of the contrary provisions.

Gaudêncio Torquato is a journalist, author, USP professor and political advisor Twitter @gaudtorquato

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