New CHIKO and ROKO Items – Free NFT every day

New CHIKO and ROKO Items – Free NFT every day

New platform projects Chiko and Roko are giving away free NFTs every day

Qianzi and Luozi is an online platform for free artistic NFTs. The company is giving away new NFTs for free every day, including exciting themed NFTs with unique designs made by authors and designers from different countries. Art toys can be viewed from different angles in 3D and turned into cool social media content using AR technology.

The collection already has hundreds of different NFTs that can be collected and subsequently sold on Opensea.The topic is getting hotter and hotter, and many people are signing up Qianzi Luozi Collect gifts offered on the platform.

If you still don’t know what is NFTread this post until the end where we have a good explanation and summary of everything.

Then you must be wondering, why do I want an NFT? So, roughly speaking, NFTs can be sold as virtual currencies (eg: Bitcoin, Ethereum…) and you can use this money to buy diamonds for your Free Fire account.

+ CHIKO & ROKO registration

If you’re interested in the topic, check out this article on the Nft Dicas website, it’s pretty complete, especially in the FAQ section.

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What is NFT?

The topic of the moment NFTs seem to be taking over the entire internet, and despite hearing about it, many people still don’t know what it means.

In fact, short for NFT non-fungible token Or “non-fungible tokens” in Portuguese. But do you know what Token or Fungible means?

Token – what does it mean?

It sounds complicated, but it’s not! Think of a token as a digital representation of an asset, i.e. a product, artwork, money or any other virtual thing.

Now, imagine this token has a unique identity in a database (blockchain) as if it were a person’s CPF.

Blockchain is the same technology used in the cryptocurrency world, and registering a token in this database proves that the asset is owned by the registrant.

Fungibility – what does it mean?

The term substitutable or substitutable is less popular. When it is assigned to something, it means that the item can be replaced with another item of the same kind, quality and quantity.

For example, imagine a 10 reais note that, when exchanged for two 5 reais notes, is still worth 10 reais. This means that money is considered fungible. In the same way you can separate 1 kg of rice from several different packages, you will separate the same amount of rice, which will remain the same.

On the other hand, a picture painted by an artist is unique and cannot be replaced by another. Or for example, the boots that Neymar uses in a particular match that gives the player a title that can be considered irreplaceable or irreplaceable because the item is unique.

After all, what is an NFT?
internet copy

In conclusion, the entire definition is only used to give meaning to NFTs.

NFTs are unique, whether digital or physical. To become an NFT, a non-fungible token must be registered on a blockchain that protects individual property rights.

Remember, the NFT itself is not registered on the blockchain, it is the programming code that references the project.

In recent days, the main NFTs in the media are artworks, NFT game items, music and various other articles.

Source: NFTdicas

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