Mila Kunis enters web 3.0 and launches multi-platform game at NEAR

Mila Kunis enters web 3.0 and launches multi-platform game at NEAR

Mila Kunis enters web 3.0 and launches multi-platform game at NEAR
NEAR Foundation CEO Marieke Flament comments to Crypto Times on Armored Kingdom (Image credit: NEAR Foundation/Handout)

This Friday (10), it was announced during Consensus 2022 that actress Mila Kunis will be joining Network 3.0 In collaboration with superhero creator Sharad Devarajan. The project is called “Armored Kingdom Media.”, contains “a new, cross-platform global entertainment world spanning Web3 trading card games, digital comics, animation and movies. “

To celebrate launch, limited edition comic book NFT #0 will be available for free on the project website for 7 days.

The project was established in Lindsay McInerney and Lisa StebakovBuilt on the blockchain near – One blockchain Carbon neutral as described. The sci-fi and fantasy world was developed by creator Hugh Sterbakov and game writer/designer Brian Turner.

What will the Armored Kingdom game by Mila Kunis look like?

A five-issue digital and physical comic series will be the first feature released in the series, bringing people into the world of Armored Kingdom and laying the groundwork for the digital card game to launch later this year.

The story behind the Armored Kingdom game tells the story of the tribes of various warring dynasties in armor stonea powerful weapon created by a long-lost advanced civilization.

The balance of power shifts with each new artifact unearthed – but even as the war continues, a greater threat lurks in the shadows.

“The armored kingdom mythology told in the digital comics will be further explored in the card game, which will be the second phase of the series,” McInerney said.

“Carefully combining storytelling and gameplay, and using both to further explore the world, will keep the storyline alive and evolving — and most importantly, fun.”

This will be the first manga and game championed by Kunis, a self-proclaimed TCG/MMO avid player, and has already launched other projects in the Web3 animation space.

“From World of Warcraft to Settlers of Catan, I wasted a lot of my youth on gaming. The moment I got into Web3, I saw an opportunity to create an immersive world where , Blockchain technology deepens the gaming experience, making the game more personal and immersive for all fans. Armored Kingdom will allow players to connect with their characters and gear in revolutionary ways, and we can’t wait to share with you soon More content,” Kunis commented.

Near Foundation CEO Marieke Flament on the announcements made during the event

Marieke Flament, CEO of the Swiss non-profit NEAR Foundation, which oversees the governance and development of the NEAR protocol, and The age of encryption During the event, and stated that the fact that Mila Kunis chose the Near blockchain shows how efficient the network is in terms of scalability and infrastructure:

“Several projects related to the creative economy are ‘exploding’ in Near. This shows how the Near blockchain is an amazing layer 1 of projects to be developed. Another announcement made during the event today is that Brave Wallet is now Integration with Near by Aurora [provedor de compatibilidade entre blockchains]. This is great because Brave acts as a browser and can open multiple paths for projects built by Near,” he commented.

Flament also commented on the adoption of Sweat, a money-making move that pays users exercisecoin tokens to exercise. According to her, there is a huge movement in the money making space, and the Sweat project is a huge draw for web 2.0 users.

“If you download the app, you’ll notice the look and feel and ease of use, it’s pure web 2.0. They chose Near to build this project and announced today that they’ve reached the 100 million user milestone. This It’s a huge shift from Web 2.0 to Web 3.0.”

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