Metaverse: The same behavior as real life must be adopted in the virtual world – Internet

Metaverse: The same behavior as real life must be adopted in the virtual world – Internet

The PXP event organized by Teleperfomance took place at its factory in Lisbon. The goal is to invest 1.2 million euros to showcase its new esports arena as well as a virtual reality lab. On a day of various events related to gaming and eSports, the company organized panel discussions, One of them is dedicated to Metaverse with the theme “Upgrade your Metaverse Journey”“.

Metaverse investor Randall van Poelvoorde sets out to understand what this new digital world is all about, telling the story of how he fell in love with this “virtual world.”Your company, Meta, started with bots, but After seeing Steven Spielberg’s “Player Ready One” movie, he has a vision for the future. Facebook’s Oculus and the launch of the Virtual Dinosaur Experience make you even more curious. He started talking to people from VR and AR, deepening his curiosity into knowledge.

When he discovered that the metaverse could solve people’s problems, he decided to invest. It emphasizes that the metaverse has arrived and is ready to take the leap. Companies should start developing strategies and investing in Metaverse, leaving a note for investors. His vision for Web 3.0 claims to have given him the tools necessary to democratize the metaverse, the possibility of interaction, and the possibility of people doing business with each other. But why is it necessary to use the metaverse? Some examples are left for explanation. “The trips made, often unnecessary, are destroying the world, and the metaverse can solve the problem of displacement, meeting in a single space and uniting anyone from different parts of the planet.

He also said the pandemic has made us vulnerable and locked in our homes. By being able to bring people together virtually through the internet, the Metaverse has proven its worth.. Even through social media. The metaverse is constructed so that everyone can speak the same language, but also share the senses, be it touch or smell, thanks to technology. To give another example, in his native Netherlands, long queues caused traffic jams as two people who were supposed to operate the tunnel fell ill at home. “Should we add workers, or give these people the tools to operate the tunnels they’re in?? ” This is an example of a problem solved through the Metaverse.

It is said that web 1 is about content, web 2 is about interaction, and web 3 is about connection. But for you, The metaverse is already among us.

After the presentation, there was a discussion group on Metaverse. Is the Metaverse the Future of Play and Work? One conclusion is that in the future, at least half of the time will be spent on virtual tools.. On the other hand, it depends on how society adopts the metaverse. Is it necessary to do a so-called virtual reality? Probably not, just make a normal phone call. But functionality can be added as the next step in this interaction.

Companies have been using virtual reality and the metaverse for training, something they have been doing for the past two years., especially in a pandemic world. People are becoming more open to this training experience.

But what works and what doesn’t? Not everyone is very receptive to virtual reality systems, But for their avatars in the virtual world, it has begun to accept being “replaced” by virtual characters. More and more people are experiencing VR for the first time, although there is still a long way to go. Using headsets for extended periods of time is one of the challenges to overcome in VR interaction.. “Bring the shape to the sunglasses, we’re good,” said one panelist.

Randall Van Poelwald

Randall van Poelvoorde, Metaverse Researcher at Meta Company.

” data-title=”Randall van Poelvoorde – Metaverse: The same real behavior must be adopted in the virtual world – SAPO Tek”> Randall Van Poelwald

Randall van Poelvoorde, Metaverse Researcher at Meta Company.

People are looking for new experiences. In games, there are already dedicated communities. Therefore, Metaverse needs to have a good community that allows users to return to the virtual space.. Young people born after the 2000s who will be decision makers in the future don’t know the reality without the Internet and everything related to cyberspace.

Trust and Safety are activities designed to keep users’ platforms safe. May be content moderation or ensuring there are tools to take down inappropriate content. It also ensures that people are buying your stuff safely and authentically.. Companies entering Metaverse should consider this.For example, moderating a livestream or online store is a challenge, etc. There will be artificial intelligence to help regulate the metaverseTherefore, anyone interested in adopting the Metaverse should implement trust and safety concerns on day one, the panel said.

But how can regulations be implemented without “scaring” users? Common sense and most user behaviors have been studied. When you’re just having fun, people aren’t engaged. But when buying something and paying with a credit card, the mindset has to be different, more focused and reflective, a behavior similar to what we do in real life.

Behaviour is a topic that should be discussed, because weird things happen, and when people use anonymous avatars, there is the potential to do “crazy things”. Therefore, a balance needs to be struck between people’s complete freedom and a sense of security.

The community in this new universe must be held accountable for these actions.And companies that build their own environments. As it grows, governments will have a say in what happens in the virtual world and will have to play their part. However, it has been discussed that there is no “police” at home to decide how to act, but rather that people in real life have to adapt to the same behavior, but in the virtual world.

Much has been said about the markup in the metaverse. Is this a good thing for customers? Brands should help explain what people need. Safe environment proposed by brands, ensuring that people adapt to their marketing campaigns in new ways. How will the Metaverse integrate with other technologies? The point is that virtual reality and virtual worlds are not the same thing. Metaverse is accessible through other platforms, VR is just the most immersive. It is said that you can access the metaverse even through TV. Just as previous technologies were integrated into the lives of people and companies, the same will happen with the adoption of the Metaverse. Using a mouse and keyboard is a natural thing these days, but in the virtual world, you can use your hands as you would in real life. He concludes by emphasizing not to make the mistake of introducing the metaverse into the challenge of everything and everything else.

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