Metaverse already has active criminal representation

Metaverse already has active criminal representation

In recent days, a British newspaper has published a dire message.User metaverse Will use augmented reality to experience crime in this new universe.

Metaverse already has active criminal representation
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In a video posted on the TikTok app by user @thiggsy, a player can be seen touching the hair and body of a female avatar. The initial practice, which can be described as sexual harassment, was sequential, as the user then grabbed the virtual woman by her ankles, picked her up, swung her and threw her off the roof.

The video about that user experience calls itself “I’m flirting in a virtual world.” The post has garnered nearly 1 million likes and 8.8 million views on TikTok.

Games in virtual worlds become popular

opinion on this experience metaverse Pretty divisive. While some people despise crime in virtual environments, many others are interested in being a representative of crime.

According to The Sun, most netizens want to know what the title of the game in the metaverse is so they can play it too. Some popular comments read: “The title of the game, I want it myself, not a friend, thanks” or “I want to play this”.

Few netizens criticized the video, commenting: “Well, if you think it’s flirting, you’re wrong” and “weird how people play this game.” According to some reviewers, the game was made by Virt-A-Mate, an “imprint of intimacy” in adult virtual reality.

TikTok’s Positioning on Metaverse Video

Facing Controversy Related to Gaming Videos metaverseTikTok Community Guidelines state that nudity, pornography, or sexually explicit content is not allowed on the platform.

“We also prohibit content that depicts or supports non-consensual sexual acts, the sharing of intimate non-consensual images, and sexual solicitation from adults.” However, the video remained active on the app, drawing a large audience.

crime in virtual reality

Recently, a sexual harassment complaint was filed in metaverse. This episode involves the female avatar of a 21-year-old researcher while participating in an experiment in Meta’s Horizon Worlds.

Augmented reality platform accessible only in two countries, the United States of America (United States) and Canada. The tool became one of Mark Zuckerberg’s biggest bets. metaverse.

According to the researcher’s own report, two male avatars approached her with a virtual drink. The pair made a series of lewd comments until one’s avatar came close to the woman’s virtual doll, while the other just watched.

Even if sexual violence only occurs in metaversethe researchers claimed to have been in a state of shock that forced her to think nothing was happening to her physically, but in a virtual environment.

What happened, however, was a way of showing users’ true intentions in a virtual environment, replicating the way they behave in the physical world, posing a risk to society.

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