Lewandowski once again pointed out Bayern’s departure: “I’m a little dead in my heart…”

Lewandowski once again pointed out Bayern’s departure: “I’m a little dead in my heart…”

Pole aims to close a loop and avoid conflict through friendly mutual understanding.Bavarian president just wants to know how much contract time he has left

Robert Lewandowski is (more than) determined to leave Bayern this summer. The Polish striker returned on Tuesday, expressing a desire to change the air, a week later, succinctly stressing that “my history at the club is over”.

That desire angered those responsible for the Bavarian flag, with Lewandowski explaining that he intends to revive his enthusiasm on the pitch and “dedicate himself entirely to a cause”.

“I left because I wanted other emotions in my life. They didn’t want to listen to me. My heart was dead. I just wanted to leave Bayern. Loyalty and respect are more important than work and the best thing to do is to find a solution for both parties. ‘, Lewandowski said in an interview with Polish podcast “Onet Sport”.

The Poland international remains confident that, through friendly mutual understanding and avoiding conflict, he will be able to break the bond early. “If you’ve been with the club for so many years, if you’ve always been ready and on call, despite injuries and pain, I think it’s better to find a good solution for both parties. Instead of looking for a one-sided decision,” he said at the same time In the interview, Lewandowski said.

However, the resolution of the case does not appear to be that simple. On June 5, Bayern president Herbert Heiner said the striker would not be allowed to leave. “Lewandowski’s contract with Bayern runs until June 30, 2023. A contract is a contract! If a player can terminate his contract early and we as a club have to pay his wages in full by the last day, where do we stop?” , Heiner questioned Heiner in a statement to the German newspaper The Picture.

The Bayern president is said to be “surprised” by the breakdown of Lewandowski’s public stance, appealing to the Poles for a sense of recognition given the treatment and success he has received at the club, stressing his conviction that the “9” will remain in Bavaria.

“I think he’s very aware of what he has at Bayern, which is a very player-friendly club that does everything to make them perform at their best. Appreciation is not one-way. Who will continue to be with us 2022/23 ‘, added Herbert Hainer in Bild.

The future of the Poland international, who has been called up to the next Nations League, must be known after four qualifying matches scheduled for June. And there is only one certainty: the striker has refused to renew his contract with Bayern.

Barcelona are among the clubs most interested, with German media writing that Lewandowski’s agent, Pini Zahavi, has reached a verbal agreement with the Catalan emblem, which stipulates a contract valid for A three-season contract, though that’s contingent on getting financially. Since 2014, Lewandowski has won 8 German leagues and 1 Champions League with Bayern.


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