Learn how to identify illnesses and referral hospitals in Paraíba

Learn how to identify illnesses and referral hospitals in Paraíba

“Monkeypox,” also known as monkeypox, is a viral zoonotic disease (transmission of a virus from animals to humans) with symptoms similar to those seen in the past in patients with smallpox, but with milder clinical symptoms. Brazil has so far confirmed three cases of the disease. Paraiba already has a reference unit for probable cases in the state.

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Symptoms include fever, headache, muscle pain, back pain, palpable nodules in the neck, groin and/or armpits, chills, fatigue and a rash, according to infectious disease expert Fernando Chagas. The lesions usually develop on the face and then spread to other parts of the body, including the genitals. “They turn into sores all over the body, which is a hallmark of smallpox,” the experts said.

The virus is spread through droplets, just like talking and sneezing, and “because it’s a virus that circulates in the blood, it can show up in our secretions, including saliva,” explains Fernando Chagas. Doctors highlight the difference between new smallpox and Covid-19. “It’s different from Covid, which concentrates on the nose, which makes it easier to spread than smallpox,” the expert said.

“For transmission to occur, generally speaking, there has to be longer contact between people. It can be transmitted by droplets, or it can be transmitted by touch.”

For specialists, the likelihood of a pandemic is very low and isolated cases are more likely: “But we need to avoid it, if cases in pregnant women, the elderly or young children are a problem. Not so many in young people, most Will evolve into a cure. Gravity is rare.”

In Brazil, there are still no drugs to treat the disease. “France already has an antiviral drug that should spread around the world soon,” Fernando Chagas said. There is also no vaccine available. “There is a smallpox vaccine against this vaccine, but it has been out of production for a long time since the 1970s. If the number of cases in Brazil starts to increase, we can start producing these vaccines. For now, vaccinate the entire population A vaccine for a disease that is hard to spread and has few cases is still not cost-effective,” explains Fernando Chagas.


Those who have lived through the Covid-19 pandemic for two years are aware of these precautions, according to infectious disease experts. “The use of masks for patients with any symptoms will reduce environmental pollution and reduce the likelihood of transmission of diseases through respiratory secretions, skin lesions and bodily fluids.” For most patients, treatment will take place at home, he said. “Isolation for 21 to 30 days is required depending on symptoms, but recent history of illness manifests as a mild case that can be managed at home and monitored by the health service.”

Reference Hospitals in Paraiba

In Paraíba, the reference hospitals for monkeypox are: Hospital Universitário Lauro Wanderley (HU) and Complexo de Infecto Infectious Diseases Clementino Fraga.

According to the state’s health minister, if any cases are detected in Paraíba, it is necessary to organize a network of the disease to ensure that the population receives qualified support. “We are identifying units that will be referenced as possible cases and planning the eligibility of services to provide effective services to the population. Since smallpox has been eradicated, there is no vaccine for monkeypox, but we know it is less invasive than we have Smallpox is known, and most cases are mild,” said secretary Renata Nóbrega.

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