Learn about the success of Metaverse-related cryptocurrencies and assets

Learn about the success of Metaverse-related cryptocurrencies and assets

Ponta Grossa, June 13, 2022 by Lorena Rogenski ─ understand Cryptocurrencies associated with Metaverse, and find out which ones have gained more attention among investors recently. To better understand this topic, today’s ex-minus guide will introduce Metaverse’s major cryptocurrencies.

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Metaverse-related cryptocurrencies

exist Cryptocurrencies associated with Metaverse And games are the assets that will appreciate the most in 2021. For example, the Gala token gained 52,000%, which caught the attention of several market investors.

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Experts believe that these cryptocurrencies will continue to rise in the coming years due to new market trends. According to Estadão, the pay-to-play system is successful in the video game industry.

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That is, players earn income through the game, and they can use this balance to advance in the game. This shows the relationship established between gaming and cryptocurrencies, showing the high profitability of the market.

Metaverse-related cryptocurrencies
Learn about the success of Metaverse-related cryptocurrencies and assets. Photo: Canva Pro

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What is the most promising coin in the metaverse?

Metaverse is currently at a crossroads in the financial markets. That’s because, in recent months, the concept has moved away from science fiction and gained a lot of space in the investment world.

Most investors are looking for applicable Metaverse digital currency alternatives. The reason for this search has to do with the enormous potential these assets hold.

After all, these cryptocurrencies can be used in video games, but they also have great value in the real world. Since it is a token, users can move freely in the digital world.

The main digital currencies of Metaverse are: MANA (Decentraland), SAND (The Sandbox) and ALICE (My Neighbor Alice). If you want to invest in these assets, the first step is to open a digital wallet and enter a balance to trade.

How much is a metaverse worth?

Metaverse ETP is down this week. The current price of the asset is around $0.04695 per ETP.

That said, Metaverse ETP is 99.25% lower than its all-time record at $6.24.

Metaverse, what is it?

Originally, the metaverse was a 3D universe with several interconnected worlds. This technology merges two universes into one: virtual reality and augmented reality. In other words, the metaverse is like a parallel world.

To introduce themselves, users use specific avatars, connect and share experiences. If you are interested in connecting to the Metaverse, please use an electronic device such as a computer, video game or smartphone.

Also, please note that it is important that this device provides a full virtual experience, such as augmented reality glasses and headsets. Even if this virtual universe is not fully developed, it is already possible to enjoy a unique experience.

This immersion occurs in video games, mostly in online environments, or in participating in virtual economies. These tokens can be acquired by selling NFTs and digital currencies from Metaverse.

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