Kakau is the first insurtech company in the world to offer free NFTs to customers | SEG

Kakau is the first insurtech company in the world to offer free NFTs to customers | SEG

The art of the virtual assistant ‘Anna’ is now available to those with rental bike or smartphone insurance

Kakau – a digital platform that uses artificial intelligence technology and data to deliver more accurate results in the insurance space – has just announced that it will offer its service to new customers who have closed their bike or smartphone insurance via NFT. Existing customers of the platform will also be rewarded with Kakau’s NFT artwork.

This move is unique in the insurtech space and marks the company’s entry into the NFT world. “Pioneering has always been in Kakau’s DNA. It’s no different with NFTs,” commented Henrique Volpi, CEO of Kakau. This one-of-a-kind artwork depicts Anna, Kakau’s virtual assistant. Novelty is the platform’s recognition and gift of user loyalty when choosing insurtech.

To receive your NFTs, customers need to have or open a digital wallet. The project, which also includes the provision of policy certificates in a non-fungible token format, was launched late last year with an investment of more than $1 million. Kakau’s NFTs are hosted on the Polygon network.

“The idea has two main purposes. As mentioned, the first is to give gifts to our customers, and the second is of a technical nature to securely guarantee insurance certificates made for our customers through NFTs. A security and “Compliance” measures,” explains Kakau’s CEO.

NFT success

Non-fungible tokens or NFTs are digital information or “tokens”. It is related to cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and is stored on the blockchain like them. It could be a photo, a song, a video clip—anything that can be stored digitally. Unlike “normal” digital files, NFTs are not copies, but individual pieces. Its value lies in this exclusivity.

About Kakau Seguros

Kakau, a digital subscription insurance platform that stands out in the market, is the first 100% digital Brazilian InsurTech to innovate using technologies such as “Machine Learning”, “NLP” and Data Science. Conceived in 2016 and launched in 2017, the platform aims to reduce the bureaucracy of signing insurance contracts and help when necessary. Quickly and easily access and request assistance from recruiting in just a few clicks.

Kakau offers subscription protection for bikes with Kakau Mobi and insurance for phones and tablets with Kakau Protege 100% digital, with no grace period and no bureaucracy. Thus incorporating the concept of digital similarity into insurance. There are progressive rewards for Kakau subscribers, free benefits for longer stays, and 1, 6, and 12-month subscribers will always be rewarded. The longer you subscribe, the more rewards you will receive. Benefits are sent via text message. “

social purpose

Another difference for Kakau Seguros is its social commitment to building homes in underprivileged communities through fundraising efforts. The Kakau Teto project has a partnership with TETO BRASIL, an international organization throughout Latin America. So far, the Kakau Seguros website has reported a total donation of Rs 41,000 to the project.

Kakau Seguros WARNING: Reacting to looting is dangerous to life!


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