International Congress Debating the Relationship between Art, Science and Technology – Culture

International Congress Debating the Relationship between Art, Science and Technology – Culture

Independent artist and researcher Marco Donnarumma
Independent artist and researcher, Marco Donnarumma presents the “AMYGDALA” workshop (Photo: Disclosure)

The International Art, Science and Technology Conference and Digital Arts Symposium, organized and maintained by a network of research groups from different regions of Brazil, will be online this Monday (6 June) through the Porticas Frontiers Lab (LabFront) , on YouTube. Listener registration is open until next Friday (10/6).

This year, the event will run through Friday, fostering discussions around the theme of “Beyond.” Over five days, discussions will be presented on concepts such as entropy, determinism, and chance; extropy, transhumanism, and human, posthuman, postbiological, and enhanced singularity; interspecies interactions; the Gaia hypothesis; and technology ism, and other themes.

“The subject of this issue can be a bit controversial. When we talk about transcendence, people tend to think of spiritual issues. We even have this dimension in our activities, but it’s anchored in art. Try, for example, transcend a different field The Art of Art”, explains Pablo Gobira, Curator of the Issue, Principal Professor at the Guignard Institute, UEMG’s Graduate Program in Art and UFMG’s Graduate Program in Management and Knowledge Organization.

As this is an academic event, the congress will present the works of masters, masters, doctoral students and PhD students in different working groups. In addition, guests of this event will present research on the relationship between art, science and technology.

“In practice, there are two events that go hand in hand. One is more academic, with presentations of works submitted to the evaluation panel, and the other consists of researchers and artists who are invited to the event”, explains Gobila.

Among them is Pol Lombarte, a Spanish artist from the Cyborg universe, known for selling his heartbeat as an NFT (Non-Fungible Token, an asset created by blockchain technology that serves as the digital identity of an item). He will give a talk on “Arte cyborg” this Monday (6 June) at 15:30 pm.


“Lombarte’s work fits the transcendence that this edition proposes. By selling his heartbeat, he transcends the idea of ​​the body and art”, the curator explained.

Biohacker Josiah Zayner, best known as the centerpiece of the “Artificial Selection” series on Netflix, presented the “Gene Biohacking” workshop on Tuesday (July 6) at 3:30 pm.

On Wednesday (August 6), meanwhile, Sara Diamond from Canada’s OCAD University (Ontario College of Art and Design) will present a workshop on her research on sustainability and the use of e-mobility in transportation.

On Thursday (September 6) at 3:30pm, Natalia Rivera and Daniela Brill from Red Suratmica, a network of Spanish organisations, groups and creative groups developing non-disciplinary meeting spaces to promote new knowledge, attended Lecture titled “Suratmica , red de creacin – Art and Science”.

On the last day of the event, Friday (October 6) at 3:30pm, independent artist and researcher Marco Donnarumma presented the “AMYGDALA” workshop.


The cultural and artistic programming of the event will also be held virtually. “Outras Estticas,” “Outras Mobilities” and “Outros Ambientes” will open in 3D this Monday (June 6) in 3D via LabFront Gallery, located in Metaverse.

You can access them through the website They can be seen through mobile phones, computers, and stereo glasses (stereoscopic immersive virtual reality).

On Tuesday (July 6th) at 6:30 pm, the book collectively launched the pre-order. The show will also feature performances and artwork.

The Congress also promotes the “Streaming Media” exhibition featuring videos by artists Raphael Ferreira, Arthur H., Artur Strauch, ngela Biegler, Mutano, Marcos Andr Penna Coutinho, Fernando Codevilla, Fernando Krum and Juliana Vizzoto. Showtimes are scheduled for Wednesday (8/6) and Thursday (9/6) at 18:30; and Friday (10/6) at 19:00.

According to Pablo Gobira, the decision to hold the seventh Congress and Symposium in an online format is strategic. “We live in an era where Covid-19 is still very common, so at the beginning of the year, when we decided to host the event, we made that proposal in this form to make sure it came to fruition,” he said.

The curators emphasize that the format adopted since the 2020 edition has increased the number of participants. “We have over 1,100 subscribers so far. That’s an expressive number for the arts,” he celebrates.

The 7th International Art, Technology Conference and Digital Arts Symposium

From Monday (6/6) to Friday (10/6) via the Laboratrio de Poticas Fronteirias (LabFront) YouTube channel ( free.Register listeners by Friday (October 6) via the Sympla platform

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