In CA was the referee who stole from us last year”

In CA was the referee who stole from us last year”

Porto basketball is already gearing up for next season, with general manager Afonso Barros wrapping up his response to recent allegations against the club. He just regrets not facing sports in Europe.

Porto have not mentioned any controversy since their semi-final win over Sporting, so the answers from coach Luis Magalhaes and Benfica winger Ivan Almeida, who left Sporting and ended their careers, did not end the season. who accused racism and angered the dragon.

Porto basketball general manager Alfonso Barros clarified to O JOGO what “cannot be ignored” while preparations are already underway for the new season, the first since 2009 without coach Moncho Lopez.

“Luís Magalhães deserves the same sarcasm, but I prefer to be based on facts. First remember that for the Arbitration Commission, there is only one list to vote on, we neither considered nor found us, and the list includes The referee who robbed us of last year’s final. Carlos Santos was by no means a good choice for Porto. Then, in the “half-time”, we had our “friend” referee from last year’s final. , but that’s other facts, The former sports coach only speaks sarcastically”, accusing Federal CA of being the “county” with the most players in Porto.

The coach’s comments about the dragon are really bad. “At his age, he could have done a farewell interview and walked out of the gate, but he prefers to walk out the wicket and not even do that,” Afonso Barros said, noting that “Magalhães had a 40-minute Farewell interview, in which he spent 30 hours talking about FC Porto; this is the story of his departure from all clubs”.

“We can’t give up thinking our European program is a failure. We didn’t miss a rim in the last second to get to the second period. He said Coach Oradea praised the sport but suffered two huge failures. Kudos to Porto for beating him at home. Sporting had a great trip to Europe but almost put Benfica and Porto in the same group. I would love to see the three of them play with the international referee… He also talked about the Porto FC setting up The circus; what we do is open the doors of the circus so everyone can see what’s going on in basketball,” he added.

The Porto boss congratulated Benfica for the national title, admitting that “it did well in three of the four competitions and that’s why it’s champion”.

“Nothing to say, contrary to what happened last year, it was a puppet show”, he added, not taking into account the home factor, which FC Porto does not have due to two absences at the start of the season.

“Without taking away Benfica’s exploits, I’m sure things would have been different in our first two games at home,” he simply said.

“Benfica have a very strong squad and a much higher budget. Also, they are rehabilitating their players, in the final they have Dennis Clifford, very strong, and at the same time he is very strong with Ivan Alme Da has strengthened himself together, sportingly speaking, he, this is a serious case”, he also explained, between criticism of the racism charges brought against him by Cape Verdean extremists.

‘It was staged without racism’

“Ivan Almeida put on a pose, made a joke. Neither I nor FC Porto need to defend the isolation of the fans, but there is no racism. Basketball is a more diverse and inclusive sport, On our team, we have people of all skin colors and religions. He staged something around something that never existed, trying to stir up some hatred. Unfortunately, it’s not good for anyone.” For him, the winger “is a great player and doesn’t need it,” said Fonso Barros.

“I congratulate everyone at Benfica because you have to know how to win or lose. If some of our players don’t react well, it’s because you can’t treat our fans like that,” he explained.


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