How to use iPhone as webcam on Mac?Apple explains

How to use iPhone as webcam on Mac?Apple explains

Among the many novelties announced by Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2022The company’s annual event for developers is the ability to use the iPhone’s camera as a webcam during video conferencing and other tasks on the home device. Apple Computer. In theory, use your iPhone As a webcam, it brings many advantages, such as better image quality and more efficient lighting than corporate computer lenses.

But how will this all work?To answer this and other questions, camera software engineers apple, Karen Xing briefly demonstrates how to use a smartphone integrated with a computer.First, it’s worth mentioning that this resource is only for iPhone running iOS 16 (iPhone 8 or later) and Mac with the latest macOS 13 Ventura with the same Apple ID.

How to Use Your iPhone Camera as a Webcam on macOS 13 Ventura

Configuring a continuous camera on a macOS 13 ventura is extremely easy and fast (spread/apple)
Setting up a continuous camera on macOS 13 Ventura is quick and easy (Disclosure/Apple)

During the demo, you may notice that configuring everything is easy and time-consuming, just connect a wired device via the USB-C port for Lightning or pairing iPhone and Apple Computer via Bluetooth. Regardless, it’s worth mentioning that both devices need to have Wi-Fi enabled when they’re configured.

messages like this “Using iPhone as a Camera for Mac” Show immediately. Soon thereafter, all apps installed on the Mac will be able to stream video and voice using the connected iPhone, including FaceTime, Zoom, and Microsoft Teams, as well as other video conferencing apps. Apple also said that the feature can support several native features of the Mac camera, such as Center Stage, which is responsible for keeping the user’s face in the frame at all times.

also Continuity camera Allows for effects such as portraits that blur the background to make the user stand out, and Studio Light, which is exclusive to photo models. iPhone 12 Then. You can also access other advanced settings, such as microphone sound isolation, through your Mac’s Control Center.

For those who want to take full advantage of the quality of the iPhone's lens, it is necessary to use the device's main camera (Play/Apple)
For those who want to take full advantage of the quality of the iPhone’s lens, it is necessary to use the device’s main camera (Playback/Apple)

According to Karen, it is necessary to use the main camera of the smartphone “Get the exact same high video quality as an iPhone”. In the example provided by Apple, the smartphone uses the two lenses of the rear camera for video conferencing. The objective lens is responsible for focusing on the user’s face and is located in front of the laptop or desktop. The super-angle lens is used to showcase the table, which is useful for artists and others who want to showcase their handicrafts during video calls.

This apple It also guarantees that no additional software is required to use the tool.With this, the novelty will allow users to not have to download third-party programs to make iPhone Act as a webcam on your line Apple Computer. Finally, it is revealed that, Apple Computer will be able to capture the screen iPhone Quad HD (1440p) resolution at 60 FPS.

Extra accessories for this feature

Continuity Camera turns your iPhone into a webcam on macOS
A clip or custom stand is required to attach the iPhone to the top of the MacBook screen (Play/Apple)

attach iPhone at the top of the screen MacBook A custom clip or stand will be required to support both wireless and wired connections.This a is one of the accessory suppliers mentioned by Apple. However, there is still no pricing for custom shown apple,if only iPhone positioning, your MacBook The device will be detected automatically without requiring the user to unlock it.

these two iOS 16, How much macOS 13 Ventura If Apple follows previous years’ schedule, a stable release should be in mid-September.The time must be the same as the submission time iPhone 14a new generation top of the range that should bring a new screen and camera.

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