GP Canada F1: Max Verstappen on pole, Fernando Alonso second

GP Canada F1: Max Verstappen on pole, Fernando Alonso second

Max Verstappen was the fastest driver in Canadian GP qualifying with a time of 1:21.229 in wet conditions. Taking advantage of track conditions, Fernando Alonso came back to the top of the timetable in qualifying by a surprising 0.645 seconds behind the Dutchman and beat third-placed Carlos Sainz by 0.797 seconds.
Without Charles Leclerc challenging him – he was penalized and started from the bottom of the starting line – Verstappen had few opponents to face him. Carlos Sainz tried to replace his team-mate for pole but he couldn’t and Fernando Alonso beat his compatriot and promised to fight for the lead in the race.
Lewis Hamilton was the fourth fastest driver, followed by Kevin Magnussen and Mick Schumacher. Esteban Ocon wasn’t as quick as his teammates, finishing 7th on the schedule at the end of the third quarter, ahead of George Russell, who finished in the final Risked soft tires in the attempt and veered off the track. Daniel Ricciardo is ahead of Q3 rookie Zhou Guanyu.
The session was even suspended for a few minutes after Sergio Pérez left the track in the second quarter and hit a circuit protector as a result.
Not only was it raining in Montreal when qualifying began, it was also freezing cold. With temperatures of 12ºC and track temperatures of 17ºC, tire heating was a key factor, at least in the first quarter.
One of the surprises of qualifying was the elimination of Pierre Gasly, Sebastian Vettel and Lance Stroll in the first quarter. Aston Martin was one of the fastest in practice, but it was a completely different story in qualifying where, according to Vettel, they had no grip on the wet tyres. Gasly also had a lot of trouble and didn’t have enough time to go into the second quarter.
It was raining in Q1 and it was very difficult for many drivers. Lewis Hamilton was 12th and Sergio Perez was 13th. The Mexican driver was unlucky again in the second quarter, losing control of the RB18, crashing into track protection and being excluded from the rest of qualifying.
Lando Norris’s McLaren team ran a lot outside the track limits, the driver had difficulty controlling the car during qualifying, and the Mercedes powerplant had some problems, and in second The quarter was eliminated.
Fernando Alonso, on the other hand, was always good in the three stages of qualifying, while Mick Schumacher was quicker than Kevin Magnussen into Q3. Zhou Guanyu also advanced to Q3, this is the first time.

Here is the session:

Q1: Aston Martin’s surprise
Right at the start of the first quarter, all the drivers started on wet tires. The big question is whether Charles Leclerc would take a risk under these conditions knowing he was starting from the back of the field anyway, but the driver really got to the track.
The best start to qualifying was George Russell with a time of 1:36.688, followed by his teammate until Max Verstappen improved his time, then Esteban Ocon .
Russell led the schedule again with less than 10 minutes left in the first quarter, while Sainz was second in the record at the time. Kevin Magnussen, who saw one of his own fast laps erased, also passed the time lead, but it was a temporary situation,
In the final moments, Sebastian Vettel, Alexander Albon, Nicholas Latifi, Yuki Kakuda (who knew he would be punished for changing the power unit) ) and Lance Stroll are in the knockout zone.
Sainz, still stunned, walked from the exit of Turn 3 to the yellow flag sampling in Zone 1. While Alexander Albon managed to save himself to 14th, Pierre Gasly, Sebastian Vettel, Lance Stroh Lance Stroll, Nicholas Latifi and Yuki Tsunoda are all being eliminated.
At the end of the first quarter, Leclerc, Sainz and Albon were warned they would be investigated for driving too slowly on the track.
Max Verstappen led the first quarter with a time of 1:32.219. It is followed by Fernando Alonso (+0.058) and Carlos Sainz in the top three (+0.562).
Lewis Hamilton finished 12th (+1.622s), with Sergio Perez one place behind the Briton.

Q2: Mick Schumacher responds to criticism and moves into Q3
No need to take any risks, Leclerc did not return to the track in the second quarter.
Alexander Albon and Sergio Pérez were off the track at the start of the second quarter, oddly, both were on intermediate tires and had no traction to keep the single seater The car remains on the track. While the Williams driver managed to remove the car from the guardrail without causing too much damage, Perez was unable to get off and forced a pause in qualifying so track officials could remove him from where he was parked Walk. Mexican qualifying is over.
By then, with nine minutes left in the second quarter, Fernando Alonso was ahead of the schedule, followed by Max Verstappen.
When the race restarted, the track was a little dry and all riders had access to intermediate tires, with Max Verstappen jumping to the top of the schedule. Carlos Sainz improved Verstappen’s record by a few seconds as the Dutchman was quicker again.
Lando Norris arrived in the final two minutes of Q2 without recording any time, not much time on an attempt when parts of the track had dried up.
Notably, Mick Schumacher finished Q2 in a faster time than Kevin Magnussen. At the top of the schedule, Verstappen beat Sainz, while Valtteri Bottas, Alexander Albon, Sergio Pérez, Lando Norris and Charles Leclerc, without time records, were all out.

Q3: Verstappen did not miss the pole
Max Verstappen set the fastest time in the third quarter, with Carlos Sainz 0.231 seconds behind the Dutchman’s time. Fernando Alonso, close to his compatriot, was 0.396 seconds behind Verstappen’s time.
George Russell stopped in the pits and rode soft tyres on the W13, but the risk didn’t pay off, exiting in a very wet complex of Turns 1 and 2.
Ultimately, Verstappen improved on his previous record and cemented his lead on the timetable, while Carlos Sainz’s time was later beaten by Fernando Alonso, the veteran of drivers performed well.
Lewis Hamilton managed to climb up to fourth and Magnussen beat his team-mate, who had a great performance today.


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