Governor announces new contest; look!

Governor announces new contest; look!

CODATA PB Competition Governor Joao Azevedo announced this Monday (06). In an interview with Luís Torres of TV Arapuan’s Frente a Frente programme, the governor stressed the importance of holding new events for the company’s information technology sector due to the large migration and mobility of employees.

According to the disclosures, there are still not many job openings offered in the Paraiba Data Processing Company competition.

Check out the details of the CODATA PB competition announcement by browsing the index below:

CODATA PB Contest: Announcement

Governor Joao Azevedo announced a new campaign. The CEO of Paraíba informed on Monday, June 6, 2022, that the event will take place later this year and will offer job vacancies in the field of IT.

CODATA PB Competition

CODATA PB competition: Governor announces new competition

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Companhia de Processamento de Dados da Paraíba – CODATA is a mixed-economy company created by the Law No. of the Administrative Secretary of the State of Paraíba.

The company was established to provide information and communication technology (ICT) services to the centralized and decentralized institutions that make up the national public administration. CODATA’s technical staff are distributed in the following areas:

  1. System Development;
  2. high-performance network;
  3. information security; and
  4. support and infrastructure.

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CODATA PB Competition: The Last Game

The last CODATA PB competition was held in 2012 and offered mid-level and senior vacancies in the IT field. The jobs offered are:

  • Mid-level positions: IT assistant/programmer; IT assistant/user support;
  • Higher-level positions: IT Analyst – specializations in systems development, databases, networks, information security, and projects.

The bank responsible for organizing and executing the activities is FUNCAB.

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CODATA PB Contest Summary

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