FPF AG decides the title: know what the opinions say

FPF AG decides the title: know what the opinions say

The Portuguese Football Federation (FPF) Congress will discuss on the 29th two opinions commissioned by the Football Federation on the national title.

Essentially, the period between 1921-22 and 1933-34 is controversial, with different names given the correspondence attributed to the evidence that existed at the time. During that period, there was only one Portuguese Championship, one that was played in the qualifiers.

Between 1934-35 and 1937-38, the predecessor of the National Championships created in late 1938-39, «Campeonato das Ligas», was played, during which time the same Portuguese Championship was maintained, in the qualifiers.

The issue was posed by former Athletic president Bruno de Carvalho, who during his tenure defended the argument that Athletic should win four more national championships.

The Portuguese Football Association sought two opinions, more football Access has now been granted with very different results, with one significantly changing the roster of national champions, while the other only changed the holders of the Portuguese Cup.

See the conclusions of the two comments below.

Conclusions of Opinion 1, implemented by Amândio JM Barros, Manuel A. Janeira, Ricardo C. Pereira and Sílvia AC Alves.

The winner of Portugal’s Campenato between 1921-22 and 1933-34 must be considered the national champion.

The 60-page study concluded: “Leaving the winners’ list as is is essentially forgetting the first few years of the game and how the growing number of fans experienced it in the country.”

In this sense, Opinion One decided that the national title should be awarded to Porto (3), Berences (3), Sporting (2), Benfica (2), Olhanese, Maritimo and Cardinal Cavellinos.

The same view holds that only from the 1934-35 season, with the creation of the “Campeonato das Ligas”, and two national competitions, can the “Campeonato de Portugal” be considered the predecessor of the Portuguese Cup.

This will add two Portuguese Cups to the history of Sporting, as well as one for Benfica and Porto.

Opinion 2, prepared by Francisco Pinheiro, has a much more conservative conclusion.

The 532-page study unequivocally believes that Campeonato de Portugal is the predecessor of the Taçade Portugal, and Campeonato das Ligas is the predecessor of the national champion, which means that the ranking of the national champions remains the same, the changes only appear in the history of the Portuguese Cup .

In this sense, the biggest changes will be in the history of Sporting and FC Porto, who will each have four more Portuguese Cups (21 and 22 respectively).

Benfica will have three more (29 in total), as will Berences (there will be six).

Still in this view, Olhanese, Maritimo and Carcavilinhos are now among the winners of the Portuguese Cup, and they all won.

There will be a vote on June 29 to decide which comments will be approved.


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