Forest feller charged with 247 million reais in climate damages

Forest feller charged with 247 million reais in climate damages

Forest feller charged with 247 million reais in climate damages

Forest feller charged with 247 million reais in climate damages

The Climate Observatory joined the Attorney General’s Office against Ibama’s prosecution of defendants for deforestation of 14,000 hectares in the Amazon.

The Climate Observatory (OC) submitted three deforestation demonstrations in the states of Pará and Amazonas on World Environment Day on June 5, charging 247.3 million reais to large deforesters in the region. Amazon Climate damage from deforestation between 2004 and 2017. This is the largest such claim ever in the country.

Defendant has been indicted by IBAMA logging About 14,000 hectares of forest are illegally exploited on rural land in both states. They have been fined several times by the environmental agency and, in a series of proceedings, have been ordered to pay the EU around 357 million reais for various crimes.

Now, the OC points out, in addition to the environmental damage caused by deforestation and the defendants’ fires, the federal government needs to charge for the greenhouse gases emitted during the conversion of these areas to pastures and farming.The network requires the input process to be amicus curiae The Attorney General’s Office acts on behalf of the Brazilian government against deforestation. That means the OC is supporting the federal government in court, providing supplemental data that go along with the union’s claims for compensation in each action.

A calculation by the SEEG team (Climate Observatory Greenhouse Gas Emissions Estimation System) shows that deforestation, the burning of forest residues and the impediment of regeneration of deforested areas together emit 10.4 million tons of carbon dioxide equivalent (carbon monoxide)twoand).

By comparison, that’s the amount of greenhouse gases that Armenia emits in a year, more than Costa Rica’s, According to data from Climate Watch. By converting these emissions into monetary values ​​and taking as a reference the price paid to Brazil within the Amazon Fund to reduce deforestation ($5 per ton), the OC team came up with a total of 247.3 million reais demand in action. The only lawsuit of its kind filed in the country before thisIn 2021, the Amazon Federal Public Ministry, in partnership with Ipam, seeks BRL 44 million in compensation for climate damages.

Deforestation is the main source of greenhouse gas emissions in the country. SEEG estimates that in 2020, the last year for which data are available, deforestation, mainly in the Amazon and the Cerrado, accounted for 46 percent of Brazil’s atmospheric-warming gas emissions. The destruction of the Amazon alone produces more emissions than Spain and the United Kingdom combined.

In the petition, the OC argues that through illegal deforestation, the defendants have become direct perpetrators of climate change that affects a growing number of people, most of them poor – see 129 recorded at the end of May die. Greater Recife.

“Environmental damage is a genus, climate damage is a species. Well, it’s not just deforestation. It’s illegal deforestation, the specific consequences of which are increased releases [gases de efeito estufa] and create ecological imbalances that will be passed down from generation to generation,” the OC petition said.

“We as amicus curiae Marcio Astrini, executive secretary of the Climate Observatory, said: “There are Brazilian national officials who have explicitly supported destruction in the absence of the president, and they seek to do the right thing and take a stand against the destruction of Brazilian heritage and the Criminals who put all of humanity at risk are held accountable. We will support these civil servants in court.”

About the Climate Observatory – Founded in 2002, it is the main network of Brazilian civil society on the climate agenda, with more than 70 member organizations, including environmental NGOs, research institutes and social movements.

resource: Solange A. Barreira – Climate Observatory

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