Environment still not a priority theme for presidential candidates

Environment still not a priority theme for presidential candidates

Environment still not a priority theme for presidential candidates

Environment still not a priority theme for presidential candidates

Even though World Environment Day generates millions of comments on social media, qualifiers don’t discuss the topic on their official profiles.

Last Sunday (5), the world celebrated World Environment Day. However, Brazil’s presidential candidates seem to take the matter less seriously. vert.se Inteligence Digital, a business intelligence firm specializing in social network data, conducted a survey titled “2022 Election Observatory – Special Environment” based on the official profile of each presidential candidate on social media. …

The top four candidates made just 35 posts on Instagram and Twitter between June 1, 2021 and June 1, 2022. The most active is Lula, mentioned 12 times on Twitter and 3 times on Instagram. Then there is Ciro Gomes, with 7 and 2 positions respectively. Jair Bolsonaro, por sua vez, mencionou o tema três vezes no Twitter e quatro no Instagram. Simone Tebet posted four articles on Instagram.

Outside the Election

“The word seriousness comes to mind when we consider what presidential candidates say about the online environment. They don’t delve into the topic, let alone use their networks to ‘talk’ to voters about this important global issue”, vert. Se CEO Carol Zahn analyzed.

According to her, the posts tend to be more general and pamphlets rather than sparking stronger and deeper debates. Lula, for example, shared sessions with celebrities like Caetano Veloso, where environmental issues were discussed, but did not elaborate on the topics covered. On Twitter, the former president spoke about the importance of sustainability, but kept his remarks in general terms. In most publications, Bolsonaro uses these terms as slogans, sometimes without showing the relationship between the message he brings and the protection of the environment. In addition, it uses the Internet to publicize government actions.

Regarding positioning in environmental protection-related events, the investigation covers the period from 2019 to 2022. The candidate has in some way expressed news related to a major environmental tragedy. They also expressed their views on Aboriginal issues and the development of their lands in a superficial way.

Environmental Proposals – Another point of vert.se’s survey analysis is what candidates propose in the government’s environmental plans. Bolsonaro has yet to formally present his proposal, but in a speech at the climate summit, he said that in addition to becoming climate neutral by 2030, his government is committed to reducing Brazil’s carbon dioxide emissions by 2030 43% and eliminate illegal deforestation. 2050 (source: BBC).

Lula, on the other hand, cited “undoing the Bolsonaro government’s measures to damage the environment” as a key point; “ending illegal deforestation, with a particular focus on the Amazon”; “protecting and regenerating socio-biodiversity”; among other general topics.

Ciro Gomes’ key recommendations include “reverting the current policy to Ibama, INPE and Embrapa, with increased personnel and inspections”; “assigning the military to take action against deforestation”; “integrating renewable energy generators into the energy distribution system”; and “Provides an economical alternative to the Amazon population and encourages improvements in the sector”. Simone Tebet has yet to formally make her proposal, but defends the fight against land grabbing and other environmental and extractive crimes. It is also betting on rationalizing the licensing of various economically valuable crops, as well as reconciling agribusiness sustainability with environmental protection.

During the analysis, when referring to presidential candidates on social networks, the main keywords for terms related to environmental topics were: environment, sustainability, sustainability, climate, climate, climate, climate, climate, biodiversity, global Warming and the Greenhouse Effect.

METHODS – Collection period for conducting the 2022 Election Observatory Survey – Special setting from February 1, 2022 to June 1, 2022, for analysis of presidential candidates’ proprietary social networks (Instagram and Twitter). During 2019-2022, candidates were also observed on their positioning in environmental disasters; their government plans (2018 and 2022); and related topics (1 June 2021 to 1 June 2022. In There were a total of 352,000 mentions on the analyzed proprietary social networks (Instagram and Twitter).

Facebook and YouTube, as well as blogs and news sites, also received more public analysis. These mentions are public and published via each site’s API (Application Programming Interface, Portuguese). For collection and analysis, the war room was used in the Silingue monitoring tool and the presidential candidate vert.se panel in the Zeeng tool.

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