Diablo Immortal puts an invisible limit on the progress of players who don’t buy microtransactions

Diablo Immortal puts an invisible limit on the progress of players who don’t buy microtransactions

The more missions you complete, the lower your chances of getting rare items

Officially launched on June 2, Diablo Immortal comes with some criticism of its radical microtransaction system. Due to the use of a random system, the game can require hundreds of thousands of dollars of investment to allow players to maximize their character’s stats – no matter who decides to go the free route A series of hidden obstacles must be dealt with.

Although Blizzard made it clear from the start There is a daily limit to advancing the Battle Pass, other important limitations, the company did not disclose.According to players echo hackwho has devoted more than 1200 hours to the title, the more daily tasks completed, Smaller becomes the chance to get rare and legendary items.

In a video posted on YouTube, Players explain some of the invisible limitations of Diablo Immortal:

  • After getting 6 legendary items per day, the probability of finding it again is greatly reduced;
  • After obtaining 6 gems with group rewards in one day, the drop rate of new gems dropped significantly;
  • After completing 5 side quests in one day, the reward will stop;
  • The reward will stop after killing 5 purple bosses in one day;
  • The reward will stop after 5 random events are completed in one day;
  • Players can only get 5 treasures from Zoltankul every day;
  • The Hidden Lair Maze stopped giving gems after completing some of them.

Grind punished for playing

Echohack’s findings suggest that grinding — repeating tasks in search of rewards — turns out to be something Punishment for Diablo Immortal players. Contrary to the situation with other games in the series, putting more time into the game is actually Reduced chances of getting rare items and good rewardss.

While invisible obstacles can affect the free aspect of the game, They don’t interfere with the game’s Rift Challenge. In it, players can use a range of rare and legendary gems to increase their chances of getting better gear – the latter has Acquisitions are really limited to those who decide to open up their portfolio And get microtransactions.

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Diablo Immortal also imposes constraints on the evolution of its item systemwhich is related to the Paragon level system: if the player doesn’t reach a certain level, gems cannot go from level 7 to 8 (or 8 to 9), even if they have the resources needed to level up. Blizzard responded to criticism of the game, saying it never lied about the nature of the game’s microtransactions. And stressed that the highest levels can be achieved without costing anything – evidence that this is an extremely laborious and expensive process.


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