Continental Pneus to award Copa do Brasil best defensive player via NFT – Revista Live Marketing

Continental Pneus to award Copa do Brasil best defensive player via NFT – Revista Live Marketing

Continental, the German tech tire maker and sponsor of the Brazilian Copa Intelbras do Brasil, will enter the field after the third stage on June 1, awarding the best defensive player of each stage with an NFT – abbreviated as “Irreplaceable Generation”. Coins”, in English, from the tokenized cartoon.

The idea is to create a digital record and turn it into something unique, collectible and valuable. In short, it’s about registering an image by encrypting it, giving it authenticity, allowing it to negotiate. According to the Sports Outlook 2022 report by consultancy PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), NFTs and digital assets are among the top ten trends in the sports industry. Continental’s NFTs will symbolize access to a one-of-a-kind, exclusive digital trophy.

The Continental Tires Defensive Player aims to honor an athlete who gives his team a greater sense of security, thereby contributing to his team’s progress in the Copa Intelbras do Brasil, Brazil’s most democratic football competition. This year, five players will be awarded until the finals in October.

“Safety is one of the pillars of the Continental brand, and we want to connect these two worlds: the world of automotive safety and the world of defenders. We have been sponsors of the Copa do Brasil for seven years, and we challenge ourselves every year, in Innovation in our activation program. This is important because we want our sponsorship to gain visibility well beyond lawn signs. But, of course, this innovation needs to make sense for the brand, and in addition to being directly related to technology, our Something very present in the DNA, the possibility of granting players an exclusive image and this NFT format is totally disruptive for Brazilian football,” explains Rodrigo Bonilha, Vice President of Continental Pneus.

The artist hired to perform the exclusive illustrations is Rodrigo Doin, who specialises in cartoons and has performed successful productions for Telecine, TNT Sports and Netflix, where he illustrated cartoons for a documentary about Neymar Jr. The NFT Defensive Player Continental tires will be created by StadiumGo, the world’s first FinSporTech with no associated financial value.

The selection of Continental Tires defenders will be made by Klefer using athlete performance data based on several criteria, including who steals the most, passes correctly, runs more, and the goalkeeper makes the most important saves. She will send the names of the selected players to the illustrator who will create the cartoon. This illustration will be sent to Stadium GO to register the image. At the end of each stage, Continental Tires and Copa Intelbras do Brasil will publish a special artwork on their social networks promoting the chosen player and an example of the NFT he will receive.

Klefer’s Marketing Manager Gustavo Andrade commented on another joint action between the two companies: “In addition to discussing the sustainability of the NFT market as a financial asset, we are using the technology envisioned by its creators: exclusive works with Artwork of title deeds registered on the blockchain to ensure that the winning player has unique personal ownership. If the item becomes coveted and valuable 1 or 10 years from now, it is up to the player to decide what they want What to do. It’s not a speculative asset, but a gift from Copa Intelbras do Brasil and Continental Pneus in recognition of the performance of athletes – that’s what makes the token really valuable. This is the result of a long-term partnership between Klefer and Continental A move, especially when it comes to sponsoring events and the fan experience. The synergy of the company’s constant innovation in these moves is not just about sponsorships, but about the games themselves.”

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