Casal uses NFTs to create digital art worth more than 3000 reais, conquering global collectors | Baolu and Maria

Casal uses NFTs to create digital art worth more than 3000 reais, conquering global collectors | Baolu and Maria

The cultural marketplace leverages a fuel that has emerged as an opportunity for a new way of trading digital works: NFTs, or non-fungible tokens. Several artists from Bauru (SP) have started using digital authenticity stamps, selling their work and attracting collectors eager for new pieces.

to g1Photographer Shirley Reinis, 47, and lawyer Oliver Reinis, 47, say the project to sell digital art started out as a pastime, as both have a passion for photography and photo manipulation Enthusiastic.

At the end of 2019, as the NFT market gained relevance, the project’s broader initiative began and was renamed “ReinisCouple”. Because they have been on the market since the beginning, they have had collectors in several parts of the world.

“Our art has been bought by collectors in Brazil, the US, the UK, Portugal, Finland and more.”

Several artists from Bauru sell digital art on NFTs and attract collectors eager for new work — Photo: ReinisCouple/Disclosure

The couple also commented that the entire sale process begins with blockchain-certified technology, a kind of large “ledger” that guarantees the originality of the artwork. For cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, this ledger records the sending and receiving of value.

“Once connected to the blockchain, in addition to our own website, we also sell them on global NFT marketplaces like Algogems, Foundation, OpenSea and Objkt. From there, we advertise on social media and directly to our collectors They.” , they count.

Each piece requires a specific time to prepare: from the photography as the basis of the operation to the creative process – from the psychological to the conceptual idealization.

“When we start executing the artwork on the computer, it may take a day to a few days. But there is a full preparation before that,” they assure.

Casal de Bauru explains that the art market for NFTs is great for artists and has been attracting consumers — Photo: ReinisCouple/Disclosure

As the couple explained, art marketplaces like NFTs are great for artists and have been attracting consumers. So much so that, in addition to sales, Oliver and Shirley have also gained recognition in the NFT market.

exist Works range from 46 reais to 3,460 reaisthe value depends on the type of license that accompanies the photo (from a commercial license, where the buyer can use the image for anything he wants) to fully restricted (he can only use it for personal use, e.g. print and put at home), file type (which allows larger or smaller prints), and number of editions (one edition of a work is more expensive than multiple editions).

“Over the past two years, we have seen our art flow to collectors in all four corners of the world, with two of our works being exhibited in large art galleries in São Paulo and Zurich (Kogan Amaro), and this will bring our The work was brought to this year’s SP-Arte, the largest art fair in the southern hemisphere.”

For the next steps, the couple noted that they are already preparing for the first major NFT event in the SP state, which will take place in December and will feature a physical NFT exhibition, digital art workshops and talks.

‘Social Creator Token’

The digital art in the NFT is part of the “Alien X” series, a project from a couple from Bauru — Photo: ReinisCouple/Disclosure

According to them, Shirley and Oliver were the first artists to bring “Token Social Creators” to Brazil. This trend is one of the latest in the digital world and started in the United States.

The term signifies a type of economy based on digital ownership, built around the principle of an “ownership economy”, with the premise that communities will be more valuable tomorrow than they are today.

“We created a cryptocurrency-like token called $REINIS. This token is distributed for free to all collectors who purchase our NFTs, and by owning them, collectors will receive a range of exclusive benefits, such as pre-ordering new collections, purchasing Specials on new works, exclusive content for our art”, they affirm.

According to the couple, the token enables collectors to connect with collectors by enabling them to actively participate in the construction of future collectibles from the project.

The Baurus’ digital art showcases the variety of styles and creative possibilities they combine in their work. — Photo: ReinisCouple/Disclosure

The couple’s digital art portfolio showcases the variety of styles and creative possibilities they combine in their work. From photorealistic photos with natural light and spontaneity, to changing scenes and painting applications, the couple explored the free imagination.

In the series titled “Alien X,” the couple walks through the streets of Bauru with two cameras, documenting fascinating spaces that can serve as the basis for scenes and narratives.

On Wednesday (1st), the couple launched their third series, titled “Cyber​​​​​​​s,” betting on the apocalyptic sci-fi aspect.

The results of the fieldwork combined with creativity have allowed the couple to create different, modern, futuristic and sometimes surreal art. “Our art deals with dreams, fantasies, alternate worlds and other planets,” they concluded.

Couple from Bauru create digital art worth over 3000 reais in NFT and conquer collectors around the world — Photo: ReinisCouple/Disclosure

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