Burnout, Sao Joao and more; check out this Friday’s highlights (10)

Burnout, Sao Joao and more; check out this Friday’s highlights (10)

Chess to commemorate Su Zezu

This Saturday, get ready for chess for the very traditional June preview, Forró do Seu Zezu. The event will take place at Fazeventus, Aldeia, starting at 5pm. The party celebrated 39 highly successful releases, meetings and memories. To cheer the public up, we’ve chosen a team that brings together attractions in every style. Confirmed names include Beto Barbosa – Eternal King of Lambada – in addition to several local attractions such as singers Geraldinho Lins and Jorge de Altinho, Ureia Band and Puppet Trio.

have 1

Rio de Janeiro will be the “capital of Pernambuco” this weekend, and dear Jose Paulo Cavalcanti Filho will hold his inauguration at the ABL this evening at 9pm. The confirmed list will only increase and not decrease, including capitalists…

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Possession begins at exactly 9pm. At 20:30, a traditional group photo with all scholars was arranged. There will be a reception at the beginning to greet those present. Social1 will cover everything in real time.

Burnout Consequences

Burnout has been included in the World Health Organization’s occupational disease category since January. Labor lawyer Renato Melquíades explained that workers will assume the disease was acquired on the job. Therefore, once the syndrome is confirmed, in addition to paying FGTS while on leave, job stability, perception of unexpected illness assistance must be ensured—of greater value.

Impact on social assistance

Armando Júnior Celebrates: Among more than 500 projects registered with the UN Brazil Strategic Network, the Travessia Institute has received an award in São Paulo, one of the ten most influential social assistance initiatives received through the ReConstruindo o Futuro project One, the program qualifies and employs inmates from the Pernambuco prison system.


This Saturday, the Magistrates of Pernambuco celebrated Sao Joao in the village of the Association of Magistrates of Pernambuco. The party will be at the Blue Angels. Singers Silvana Salazar and Trio Muganga promise to cheer up.


Dom Fernando Saburido, Ricardo de Almeida, Arnaldo Maranhão Neto, Iêda Lucena, Emílio Schuller, Manuela Fares, Benita Gouveia, Cristina Freyre, Luiz Modesto, Isabel Coelho, André Sales, Rafaela Moury Fernandes, Breno Russel Wanderley and Ana Rita Suassuna.


The Troça Carnavalesca Turma da Jaqueira, where the Talo is held, will be celebrating São João tomorrow at 9pm with a solidarity party with several attractions. At the headquarters of the Joaquim Nabuco Foundation Server Association.

black prejudice

Karla Marianny da Silva Batista from Igarassu sees her Azulerde (a semi-jewelry brand with an African contemporary bias) as one of 12 brands selected by the Afrolab Moda released by Instituto C&A to support and promote black entrepreneurial power.

Dragon Fruit Risotto

Thiago and Paula Macedo added that the Yugo Premium Menu for Valentine’s Day will be divided into five phases. According to the couple, the dragon fruit risotto – with its beautiful fruit color, and prawns – should be one of the “Instagrammables” on the menu, with pre-orders available tomorrow and Sunday. Chef Wellington Olímpio has also created vegetarian options for each stage of the service.

uncle sam

Jessica Simon, the U.S. Consul in the Northeast, and her husband, Frederico Mattos, will celebrate the 246th anniversary of American Independence at the Dois Irmãos factory from 4-7 p.m. on the 7th, here are the Some very unique attractions. Worth mentioning: the US government will donate 70,000 reais to help families affected by the heavy rains of recent weeks.


Tomorrow and Sunday, “Combo X” will perform Mangue 3.0 at Capibar in Casa Forte.

João Lampropulos from Jayme da Fonte celebrates the recognition of the entity’s seal of quality. This certification certifies the technical competence of the unit.

Bete Gouveia’s exhibition While Path at the Arte Plural Galeria drew attention for its minimalist pieces that merged with others, giving a sense of completeness. In addition to acrylic on canvas, there are 87 works in watercolor, gouache and colored pencil.

Architect Yasmin Caricchio has signed off on the project for the new Fattoria store in BV.

Silvia Sabadell from Comadre Fulozinha presents a rustic exclusive bag with vegan makeup for Valentine’s Day.

Today Arraiá Pega Vareta will be at the Cecon Pavilion with Wesley Safadão, Taty Girl, Rogerinho and Danielzinho.

This Saturday, the Classic Hall will host a Bora Namorar party with Priscila Senna, Raphaela Santos, Tayrone and Victor Santos.

This Friday, Daniella Cantarelli and Priscila Borba hosted a special Valentine’s Day dinner for 18 couples. at Di Blanco Casafort.

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