Bronze Gunners – Brasília Diario

Bronze Gunners – Brasília Diario

First, Romario; more recently, Roberto Dynamite. Vasco da Gama Two of the greatest goalscorers in football history – 622 goals in 1,025 Dinamite games and 321 goals in 414 games for Baixinho – at Vasco in San Januario Won statue in the stadium.

Romario was honoured for his 1000th goal (he scored on 05.20.2007), a penalty from Vasco 3 x 1 Sport-PE in Leon, Brazil, and after the statue was inaugurated (2007 8 August), after one of the goals on the lawn. “…it reminds me of everything I’ve had in Vasco, from the base to the professional arena, mainly the goals scored at the San Gianovario Stadium”, he commented on the goals and the place of work , scored near his goal. .

The statue of Baixinho was made of clay by the sculptor Osório Correa, who, according to him, represented “the image of the Brazilian people to idols”; the transformation of the bronze statue was in charge of Amadeu Eduardo Zani, who said: “This statue (the size of the original model, Vasco da Gama costs about 20,000 reais) is important for national football, especially Romario for the sport”.

One thousandth of a second, in the 2nd minute of the second half, Romario did whatever he wanted and took a penalty. Thiago Marcel made a cross from the right, the defender Duval touched the ball with one hand, and the referee Giuliano Bozzano-SC saw that goalkeeper Maglan took the ball and scored a corner kick from the right, and there was no chance for defense.

The brand’s celebrations halted play for 16 minutes. Thinking of Pele’s thousandth (November 19, 1969, in the Maracanã), Romario took the ball at the net and kissed it, and was hugged by his teammates. Afterwards, he was surrounded by reporters, talking to them, very emotional. He still kisses his mother, hugs his children and family, and runs a lap at the Olympics.

The bust of Roberto Dinamite is also natural size, sculpted by plastic artist Mario Pitanguy. “”Roberto’s simplicity drew attention because of his greatness, his legend. He was involved in all steps of the project,” said the sculptor, who initially took measurements of the former shooter, then worked on details such as the format, bronze casting and installation, culminating in a final installation on Tuesday evening (26.04. 04) End. .22).

The greatest icon in Cruz Martina’s sporting history, Dinamite became a statue thanks to the help of fans who donated from 25.00 reais, 168 contributors won with 1,000 reais to put their name Commitment engraved on the pedestal of the statue, placed in front of the curve of the São Januário stand. The project announced that within five hours, a target of 190,000 reais was proposed. Five minutes later, more than 205,000 reais had been raised, with a total of 800 donors.

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The inauguration of the statue will begin on April 28, 2022 at 7pm with a concert by Vasco singers Paulinho da Viola, Teresa Cristina, Fernanda Abreu and drums from the União Cruzmaltina samba school, by PixBet, BMG, Kappa and Bit Coin market sponsorship. The production was directed by VascoTV director Mario Vassalo. In October 2021, Roberto has been awarded for the first goal of half a century (21.11.1971?) in the Brazilian Championship against RS International. It becomes a virtual piece of art that inspires two NFTs (non-fungible tokens) digital art, encoded with encryption.

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