BOLA – Sporting beat Fundão (Futsal) in a good match

BOLA – Sporting beat Fundão (Futsal) in a good match

Sporting took a big step towards the play-off final of the National Futsal Championship, beating Fendang 6-4 in the first game of the semi-finals at Fendang this Friday afternoon.

There was no shortage of support for the home side in a thrilling game in an almost packed pavilion, and it was Belus who opened the scoring three minutes later through Nem. The Lions’ reaction was intense, with the green-and-white logo successfully turning things around even before half-time, thanks to goals from Pani Varela and Voltinho.

The supplementary stage was even more exciting, with Fundão going all out to beat the national champion and Iury Bahia signing a draw. Esteban Guerrero gave the advantage back to Sporting, but it wasn’t long before Felipe Leite made it 3-3. Alex Merlim was the scorer who got Nuno Dias’ men back in front of the goal, but it was clear to João Matos who scored an own goal. The misfortune made everything a draw again. The Lions captain immediately saved himself to make it 5-4 and Geeta had his name carved on the scorecard as the final whistle blew.

So if Fundão wins again, this time at Pavilhão João Rocha in Lisbon, Sporting has the advantage to play in the play-off final as early as this Sunday at 3pm.

Remember the game movie:

competition is over! Fundão 4 Sports 6.

40 minutes: Sports scores! Geeta shot from inside the box and took advantage of Findang’s absence of a goalkeeper to make it 4-6.

40th minute: Shots from the free throw line by Diego Cavinato and Cucci prevent Sporting.

39th minute: Sports scores! Passes from Tomás Paçó and João Matos put the Lions in front of goal with a powerful shot. 4-5.

38 minutes: Fendang scores! Neither of them crossed the centre of the box close to the end line, and Joao Matos unhappily sent the ball into his own goal. 4-4.

Fundão will venture 5×4 in the last three minutes. Mário Freitas is the forward goalkeeper.

37th minute: Fundão coach Nuno Couto calls for a technical break.

36 min: Fundão commits a second foul.

35th minute: Fourth foul by Sporting.

35th minute: First foul by Fundão.

35th minute: Sports coach Nuno Dias calls for a technical break.

34th minute: Sports scores! Alex Merlim was on the left with a cross and Luan Muller, unhappy, let the ball pass between his legs. 3-4.

33rd minute: Pellet hits Geeta’s right post from close range.

33rd minute: Sporting commits the third foul (Fundão remains foul-free in the second half).

32nd minute: Nice pass from Nem to Felipe Wright, the Brazilian tries to assist David Gomez, but Geeta intervenes at a high level to keep Fendang’s fourth goal out .

In the 31st minute, Voltinho shot, and Luan Muller safely plugged in again.

In the 29th minute, Eric Mendonsa made a powerful shot with his right foot with his excellent personal initiative, and Luan Muller made another wonderful save.

25th minute: Fundão scores! Felipe Leite crossed in from distance to give the scorer back. 3-3.

23 minutes: Sports scores! It was 2-3 with assists from Thomas Paso and Esteban Guerrero at the far post.

23rd minute: Sporting commits a second foul.

22 minutes: Fendang scores! Iury Bahia from a direct free-kick restored equality on the scoreboard. 2-2.

22nd minute: First foul by Sporting.

21st minute: Alex Merlin’s powerful shot and Luan Muller’s brilliant corner save.

Part two begins!

Excellent game by Fundão. The Bella faced the Lions and won the game. So it was no surprise that the home side opened the scoring, with Nem hitting the back of Geeta’s goal. Sport reacted and managed to reach a draw through Panivarella even in the face of several high-level interventions by Luan Muller. At the end of the first half, more specifically, five seconds before the break, Voltinho brought the green and white sign into the break after Diego Cavinato’s header. .

Taking into account the wonderful performance of the Bella team in the first half, in addition to the well-known strength of the Lions, the first game of the national team play-off semi-finals, the wonderful performance in the second half is worth looking forward to. Futsal Championship.

rest! Fundão 1 Sports 2.

20 minutes: Sports scores! Geeta made a manual shot, Diego Cavinato assisted with a header, and Voltinho took the lead on the edge of the penalty area, 1-2.

20th minute: Perfect assists from Alex Merlin and Diego Cavinato, shot completely alone in the centre of the box, brilliant save by Luan Muller.

18th minute: Esteban Guerrero finds space to cross, but Luan Muller makes a beautiful save.

18th minute: Erick Mendonça’s shot from the right dies in the side-net.

In the 16th minute, Bahia took a chance and shot wide of the left post.

15th minute: The Bella team made a quick transition. Pellet faced Guita and the shot was saved by the Brazilian goalkeeper of Portugal Sport.

In the 14th minute, Beibei shot from the frontcourt, and Geeta easily saved it.

13th minute: Fundão coach Nuno Couto calls for a technical break.

13th minute: Thomas Passo made a cross from the left, and Luan Muller missed the goal.

11th minute: Felipelet’s revolving shot, Geeta shines again between the posts.

9 min.: Fourth foul by Fundão.

8 mins: Sporting’s fourth foul.

8th minute: Voltinho made a cross from the right, and Luan Muller’s shot was intercepted by the Armenian goalkeeper.

7th minute: Felipelet’s powerful shot and a wonderful save by Geeta get the corner kick.

7 minutes: Sporting fouls for the third time.

7 minutes: Sports scores! Pane Varela’s cross equalised. 1-1.

6 min: Third foul by Fundão.

5 min: Fundão commits the second foul.

5 min: Second foul by Sporting.

5th minute: First foul by Fundão.

In the 5th minute, Pani Varela shot from the middle distance, and Luan Muller made a careful save.

5th minute: First foul by Sporting.

3 minutes: Fundão scores! Also, in Geeta’s face, his shot wasn’t powerful enough and didn’t open the initiative. 1-0.

Game start!

Fundão (top five): Luan Muller, Nem, Mario Freitas CDavid Gomez and Iury Bahia

Substitute: Paulo Pereira, Tiago Couto, Peleh, Felipe Leite, Sissi, Bebé, Rui Moreira, Gui and Kutchy

coach: Nuno Cotto

Sports (starting five): Geeta, Eric Mendonza, Joao Matos CDiego Cavinato and Alex Merlin

Substitute: Bernardo Paçó, Tomás Paçó, Pauleta, Waltinho, Pany Varela, Miguel Ângelo and Esteban Guerrero

coach: Nunodias

referee: Filipe Duarte and Miguel Castilho (AF Lisbon)

There is already a team!

Fundão entered this stage of the game after knocking out Quinta dos Lombos in the third game (1-3, 4-2 and 2-1), while Sporting only needed two games Kick the futsal aside. Azemes (3-0) and 1-0).

The semi-finals will be the best of the three games, which means that, regardless of the result this afternoon, both teams will play their second match next Sunday at 15:00 in Lisbon’s Pavilhão João Rocha.If it happens that a third meeting needs to be held, the so-called Blackit was decided that the decisive duel would be held next Friday, the 16th, also in the lion enclosure.

The semi-finals of the play-offs for the National Futsal Championship will begin this Saturday. The first match (19 hours) between Fundão and Sporting is at Pavilhão Municipal do Fundão and A BOLA online will tell you all about this match. Dear readers, stay tuned…

Good evening!


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