BOLA – Benfica beats Porto to become national champion (basketball)

BOLA – Benfica beats Porto to become national champion (basketball)

Benfica is the national basketball champion. The Reds beat Porto (91-63) in the fourth game of the play-off final and in this way returned to the title five years after their last conquest.

The results showed that the Eagles had an obvious advantage. In the second half, the men of Norberto Alves stepped on the accelerator harder, which did not give Xiaolong any chance.

And just like that, Benfica secured their 28th national title, further opening the gap to Porto in this chapter, the second-best team in Portugal’s men’s basketball team (12).

Remember the game movie:

competition is over! Porto 63 Benfica 91.

40th minute: Eduardo Francisco at the free throw line, first error, second score. 63-91.

40 minutes: Two points from Francisco Amarante. 63-90.

40th minute: Ivan Almeida changes both shots from the free throw line. 61-90.

40 minutes: Markus Loncar converts from two. 61-88.

39th minute: Ivan Almeida scores a goal from the free throw line, the second goes wide. 59-88.

In the 39th minute, Marcus Lonka converted from the free throw line. 59-87.

39th minute: Marcus Loncar has two points, still fouled. 58-87.

38th minute: Excellent 3-pointer by Ben Romdhane. 56-87.

38 minutes: Jose Barbosa hits a three-pointer. 56-84.

37th minute: Vladyslav Voytso makes a three-pointer. 56-81.

In the 37th minute, Jose Barbosa made a free throw and both shots missed. 53-81.

37th minute: Frank Gaines from the free throw line converts on both attempts. 53-79.

36th minute: Aaron Broussard scores two more minutes. 53-77.

35 minutes: Aaron Broussard breaks through and the Reds score 2 more points. 53-75.

Benfica coach Norberto Alves has asked for a leave of absence.

35 minutes: Bradley Tinsley scores two. 53-73.

34th minute: Vladislav Wojzo makes a three-pointer. 51-73.

34th minute: Ivan Almeida misses the free throw line and scores the second. 48-73.

34th minute: Max Landis at the free throw line misses the first and converts the second. 48-72.

33rd minute: Two points from Wendell Lewis. 47-72.

In the 33rd minute, Jose Barbosa made a free throw and missed both shots. 47-70.

FC Porto coach Moncho López has asked for leave.

31st minute: Dennis Clifford dunks again. 47-68.

31st minute: Aaron Broussard has two points. 47-66.

Season 4 begins!

The interpretation of dragons is very complicated. Granted, the 17-point deficit isn’t irreversible, but the Hawks have shown greater calm, too, and have been digging a bigger and bigger ditch.

10 minutes of time could be decisive for this title, which Benfica won well in…

The third period is over! Porto 47 Benfica 64.

Minute 30: Aaron Broussard, sweating from the gong, drops a bomb from the middle of the street. 47-64.

30th minute: Aaron Broussard breaks through. 47-61.

29th minute: Miguel Queiroz assists, Vladislav Voizo scores a dunk. 47-59.

29th minute: Aaron Broussard converts two. 45-59.

28th minute: Vladyslav Voytso scores wide from the free throw line for the second. 45-57.

28 minutes: Frank Gaines makes a three-pointer. 44-57.

28th minute: Joao Suarez hits the ball wide from the free throw line and scores the second goal. 44-54.

In the 27th minute, Max Landis made a free throw. 43-54.

Ivan Almeida is awarded a technical foul.

27th minute: Ben Romdan extends the Reds’ lead. 42-54.

26th minute: Two more minutes for Fran Gaines. 42-52.

25th minute: Wendell Lewis also scores two goals. 42-50.

25th minute: Markus Loncar converts two. 42-48.

25th minute: Jonathan Alic makes two free throws from the free throw line. 40-48.

FC Porto coach Moncho López has asked for leave.

24th minute: Aaron Broussard assists Dennis Clifford for a dunk. 38-48.

23 minutes: Max Landis made two free throws from the free throw line. 38-46.

23rd minute: Ivan Almeida makes a dunk after a breakthrough. 36-46.

22nd minute: Max Landis converts from the free throw line. 36-44. The Dragons still have the ball.

Frank Gaines was awarded a technical foul for protesting.

22 minutes: Miguel Queiroz two points. 35-44.

21st minute: Fantastic release from Frank Gaines. 33-44.

21 min: Dennis Clifford scores two. 33-42.

The third period begins!

Benfica arrived at half-time with a seven-point advantage, which wasn’t huge as Porto managed to close the distance in the closing moments of the second half.

Norberto Alves’ men were more confident in attack and table fights, and the Dragons used individual performances from Charlon Kloof and Francisco Amarante to keep the Eagles from running away too much. Incidentally, Charon Kloof was injured at the end of the first half due to a problem with his right foot, and whether he can continue to play is still open to question. His contribution to the team. .

Game 4 of this National Basketball Championship final is not over yet, and Porto will have to turn things around if they are to stop Benfica’s title-winning party.

Part 2 is over! Porto 33 Benfica 40.

20 mins: Dennis Clifford converts two. 33-40.

20 min: Vladyslav Voytso converts his 3-pointer at the free throw line. 33-38.

19th minute: Charon Kloof is injured (right foot complains).

19th minute: Charlon Kloof shoots wide again from the free throw line and converts the second. 30-38.

19th minute: Charon Kloof misses two free throws.

18th minute: Frank Gaines makes two free throws from the free throw line. 29-38.

Benfica coach Norberto Alves has asked for a leave of absence.

18th minute: Another 3-pointer for the Dragons, this time by Francisco Amarante. 29-36.

18 minutes: Charon Clover makes a three-pointer. 26-36.

17min: Frank Gaines converts two. 23-36.

16th minute: Ben Romdan makes a breakthrough. 23-34.

16th minute: Francisco Amarante makes a wonderful 3-pointer. 23-32.

Benfica coach Norberto Alves has asked for a leave of absence.

13th minute: Charon Clover’s excellent drive and perfect dunk. 20-32.

FC Porto coach Moncho López has asked for leave.

13th minute: José Barbosa’s superb cross, Wendell Lewis scores two goals. 18-32.

12th minute: Ben Romdhane pierces through. 18-30.

12th minute: Max Landis scores 2 points. 18-28.

11th minute: Aaron Broussard hits a three-pointer. 16-28.

In the 11th minute, Jose Barbosa missed a free throw.

11th minute: Jose Barbosa converts two goals, still fouled. A possible 3-pointer for the Eagles. 16-25.

11th minute: Ben Romdan missed two free throws.

Part two begins!

Benfica were better and had an advantage at a House of 10 for a while, but Porto responded in the closing stages and managed to close the distance. Everything is open to the rest of this classic.

The first issue is over! Porto 16 Benfica 23.

10th minute: Porto wins the treble again, this time with Miguel Queiroz. 16-23.

10 minutes: Aaron Broussard scores two. 13-23.

10 minutes: triple Vladyslav Voytso. 13-21.

10th minute: Joao Betinho Gomez hits both shots at the free throw line. 10-21.

9th minute: Bradley Tinsley at the free throw line makes his first shot and misses his second. 10-19.

9 min: Jonathan Alridge converts. 9-19.

8 min: Jose Barbosa converts two. 7-19.

8 mins: Wendell Lewis also sinks. 7-17.

7 min: Sink Marcus Ronka. 7-15.

7 mins: Answer to Frank Gaines, also triple. 5-15.

7 minutes: A Charlon Kloof bomb, three. 5-12.

6 mins: Ivan Almeida sinks after getting an offensive rebound. 2-12.

5th minute: Miguel Queiroz scores Porto’s first point in this classic. 2-10.

5 mins: Joao Betinho Gomez assists, Wendell Lewis dunks. 0-10.

4th minute: Ivan Almeida hits a free throw. 0-8.

FC Porto coach Moncho López has asked for leave.

4th minute: Ivan Almeida counterattacked, and the Eagles scored two more points and were still fouled. 0-7.

4 mins: Frank Gaines breaks through and converts. 0-5.

1st minute: João Betinho Gomes scores three points to open the game. 0-3.

Game start!

FC Porto (top five): Francisco Amarante, Max Landis, Miguel Queiroz, Jonathan Arledge and Charlon Kloof

coach: Moncho Lopez

Benfica (starting five): Frank Gaines, Aaron Broussard, Joao Bertinho Gomez, Dennis Clifford and Ivan Almeida

coach: Norberto Alves

referee: Sergio Silva, Paul Marquez and Sonia Teixeira

There is already a team!

So Benfica have a new chance to seal the title this afternoon, and for that, Benfica need a win at Invicta. If FC Porto repeats the previous day’s victory, it will be necessary to play black next Tuesday (7pm) at Pavilhão da Luz in Lisbon.

Remember, the Reds are still ahead (2-1) after winning their first two games, both at Luz (79-58 and 56-48). The Blues and Whites cut the distance at Dragão Arena last Thursday to win 65-47.

Porto and Benfica meet again this afternoon (3pm) at Dragão Arena for Game 4 of the play-off final of the National Basketball Championship. BOLA online will keep up with the classics step by step. Come with us, dear readers…

Good evening!


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