Ball – “It will be successful in Victoria, the sky is the limit” (Vitória de Guimarães)

Ball – “It will be successful in Victoria, the sky is the limit” (Vitória de Guimarães)

João Ferreira was Espinho’s young coach when he was fortunate to have Jota Schie, now known as Vitória de Guimarães’ backup Jota Silva, who moved to his crib after a stellar spell at Casa Pia, made him the star of the Liga 2 for the rise of Pina Manique’s side decisive contribution.

“Really happy! We don’t know Jota very well. We only get information from people we know. They are nice and doable, but it’s one thing to get to know young people in the area and see what he can do It was another thing. Just in pre-season, he surprised everyone », recalls Joao Ferreira.

«He stands out with the way he trains, which is the same from Monday to Saturday. This is amazing! Those balls that everyone else missed, he was there, he was the only one who believed, scored, passed or tackled. He fought fiercely, with determination, and did not allow himself to be inferior. His mentality won us over, it’s a very distinct trait because he knows what he wants”, explains Joao Ferreira, who recognises the unusual qualities that make Jota a versatile striker ability.

“He scored the winning goal with a header from the far post in our first game. That’s how he scored at the Estádio do Mar in the ascent at Casa Pia. It has several characteristics. I would say he was in front Better, solo or in pairs. He’s not very tall, but he has the perfect jump time, and his head deflection is really good, which makes him very strong in the finishing zone. He also knows how to turn around to accept direct play and push straight to Extreme. He has great mobility, strong legs and can withstand physical contact », he said, detailing the potential of Vitória reinforcements.

“As a winger, he seeks more depth, but he’s a bit off goal. I think the centre-backs have a serious problem with him because he’s so far from the typical striker they face. Then he plays with both feet. Good, head up for an assist», continuing with a flattering tone, assuring that Jota Silva is used to dealing with pressure.

«We know Victoria has one of the best fans in the country, but he has been in contact with a huge number of Espinho fans and is a champion of all. They adore him! With this background against heavy objects, this creates noise. In Leixões, he also saw this reality. Not on the same scale, but he has overcome this challenge. Casa Pia, who is also under pressure to compete for the team’s top job, said he was always there. He scores and is decisive: well prepared for the pressure! », Joao Ferreira added that he has no doubts that success awaits him in Guimaraes.

“We all need a moment of good luck or someone who believes in us. Between two similar players, there is only one playing. There is risk, there is variability that is hard to control. He needs the first chance and then he falls apart. When Thiago Fernandez signed him to Lesos, I warned him ‘Even if you don’t make him a starter, you’re going to be forced to start him. He’s going to train like this, you won’t have any arguments no Let him play’. People tend to say because the guys from the lower divisions are going to have to wait a while. But with Jota, I promise ‘from the moment you see him training, you have to get him on the field’ Sooner or later, he will earn his space, he will succeed in Victoria, the sky is the limit », reports Joao Ferreira.


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