Ball – Eagles beat Lions (7-5) in overtime and advance to final (hockey)

Ball – Eagles beat Lions (7-5) in overtime and advance to final (hockey)

In a thrilling classic, Benfica beat Sporting 7-5 in extra time in the fifth semi-final and secured qualification for the National Division 1 final, in which Porto drew 3-0) against Óquei de Barcelos.

The Reds were always ahead of the scoreboard and led by two goals: 1-3 going into the regular-time break. The hosts tied the score in the second half, with Gonzalo Romero leading 5-5 with seven seconds to go.

That decision was delayed until overtime, during which the Eagles settled the issue with a goal in each half, both sides being Edu Lamas.

The first game of the final is scheduled to start at 15:00 next Thursday.

Here are the main highlights of the conference:

End Game! Benfica beat Sporting 7-5 and qualified for the final.

60′ Benfica scores (5-7)! Edu Lamas went in and fired into the back of the goal.

58′ Lucas Ordonez missed the free kick and missed the game-ending opportunity.

56′ The second part of overtime begins.

Extra time: Benfica lead 6-5.

55′ Benfica scores (5-6)! Eduard Lamas gives visitors an edge.

52′ 13 sports fouls and 15 for Benfica.

51′ The extension begins!

Regular time ends at the João Rocha pavilion: the classic goes to overtime.

50′ Sports Score (5-5)! Halfway to Gonzalo Romero, very violent, seven seconds to the end to restore equality!

47′ Another save by Pedro Henriques, direct free kick by Gonzalo Romero.

46′ Ângelo Girão comes forward and saves Carlos Nicolia’s free kick.

46′ Blue card for Sporting’s Gonzalo Romero: Direct free kick for Benfica –

46′ Sports Score (4-5)! Gonzalo Romero rekindles hope for the Alvalade logo.

42′ Ferran Font hit the post, at the lion’s insistence.

42′ Pablo Álvarez didn’t score in the first or second game, against Ângelo Girão, conversion from a direct free kick.

39′ Gonzalo Romero saw Pedro Henriques save his first shot before reloading onto the crossbar to mark a direct free-kick.

39′ Blue card for Lucas Ordóñez from Benfica: Direct free kick to Sporting.

38′ Benfica scores (3-5)! Lucas Ordóñez appeared in the opposing area and did not forgive.

38′ Ângelo Girão cancels Carlos Nicolia’s free kick.

38′ Blue card for Matias Platello from Sporting: Direct free kick for Benfica.

37′ Benfica scores (3-4)! Pablo Alvarez gave the Reds the lead again.

35′ With 15 minutes left, the Classic is still tied.

29′ Pedro Henriques won the duel again with Ferrant Font and earned a new penalty for Sporting.

31′ 10th foul by Benfica!

30′ Sports Score (3-3)! Alessandro Verona dyes the pavilion red with the goal of equality.

29′ Sports Score (2-3)! Ferrant Font supports the Lions to the opponent.

26′ Start the second part!

Half-time at Pavilhão João Rocha: Sport lost 3-1 at home to Benfica.

twenty four’ Pedro Henriques saves Gonzalo Romero’s penalty and holds the lead.

24′ Benfica scores (1-3)! Carlos Nicolia put the Eagles two goals ahead again in the conversion of a direct free-kick.

twenty four’ Athletics’ 10th foul!

20′ Sport has reached its ninth foul. Benfica have 8.

17′ Sports Score (1-2)! Gonzalo Romero closed the gap with a penalty.

15′ Benfica scores (0-2)! Pol Manrubia’s reload was accurate, extending the Reds’ advantage.

15′ Fouls: Sport – 6; Benfica – 5

15′ The game was halted again, with Sporting looking for a draw.

10′ Time discount: Eagles have the advantage placard.

7′ Benfica scores (0-1)! Diogo Rafael opened the scoring at the João Rocha Pavilion.

5′ Sporting had reached a fourth foul in a balanced game: Benfica followed with two.

0′ Start the game!

There is already a team!

sports: Angelo Girão, Ferrant Fon, Matías Platero, Toni Pérez and Gonzalo Romero

Exercise Alternatives: José Diogo Macedo, João Almeida, Alessandro Verona, João Souto and Henrique Magalhães

Sports Coach: Paul Freitas

Benfica: Pedro Henriques, Diogo Rafael, Edu Lamas, Lucas Ordóñez and Gonçalo Pinto

Benfica Substitutes: Rodrigo Vieira, Carlos Nicolia, Pablo Álvarez, Pol Manrubia and Daniel Oliveira

Benfica head coach: Nuno Resend


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