Ball – Benfica had to sweat Eléctrico (Futsal)

Ball – Benfica had to sweat Eléctrico (Futsal)

Benfica beat Eléctrico 2-1 to lead in the semi-finals of the National Futsal Championship play-off. In a game Friday night at the Ponte de Sor Coliseum, the Eagles had to sweat in the last minute to beat an opponent who never conceded.

The Reds even entered the break with an interesting result (2-0, goals from Ivan Chiškara and Rocha), but the Alentejo reacted well in the second half and tried to turn things around in various ways. Eléctrico even managed to reduce the disadvantage after Andre Sousa prevented the home team from celebrating, and Ferrugem sent the entire pavilion into a real delirium in the 33rd minute.

The team, led by Joao Freitas Pinto, were even more impressed by the goal, and from there until the end tried to risk a dangerous approach near the red goal, but at least there was no more art and creativity Come beat the Portugal international and power, extension.

With this victory, Benfica took a very important step towards the final, a goal that can be confirmed when the tram is received at Pavilhão da Luz this Sunday at 5pm.

Remember the game movie:

competition is over! Tram 1 Benfica 2.

In the 40th minute, Matthews Kojikowski’s shot was saved by Andre Sosa from the corner.

39 minutes: John Lennon yellow card.

39 minutes: Tram’s fourth foul.

39th minute: Eléctrico’s coach João Freitas Pinto calls for a technical break.

38 minutes: Benfica’s fourth foul.

37th minute: Matthews Kojikowski is booked.

37th minute: Tram makes a third error.

37th minute: André Sousa really denies Peshinho’s draw with an absolutely brilliant intervention.

36th minute: Frugam assisted with a header and Russo shot Andre Sosa.

35th minute: Rafael Henmi, who was already inside the box, swivels a shot, but just wide.

34 minutes: Benfica’s third foul.

Minute 33: Tram Score! Bypassing Andre Sosa, bypassing Igor Motta and Frugham, made it 1-2.

30th minute: André Sousa drives in, but Afonso Jesus, already inside the box, shoots over the bar.

29 minutes: Tram fouls the second time.

29th minute: Tayebi tries his luck, but misses Diogo Basilio’s left post.

28′: Daniel Airoso’s shot, saved by Andre Sosa. Now for the incarnation of happiness.

27th minute: Ivan Chischkara shoots, Diogo Basilio makes a great save.

26th minute: Tram’s first foul.

26 minutes: Bruno Sintra yellow card.

26 minutes: Benfica fouls for the second time.

26th minute: John Lennon’s powerful shot is interrupted by André Sousa.

25th minute: Foul by Benfica.

In the 24th minute, Frugam took a long shot and Andre Sosa missed the left post.

Part two begins!

Benfica are ahead of the scorers in justice. Despite the unselfishness of the Eléctrico players, the Reds showed a clearer mind and were a team that managed to create more goalscoring chances.

Ivan Chischkara’s excellent mid-range shot gave the Eagles the upper hand. In the 4th minute, Rocha, who also shot beautifully from long distances, also increased the contention.

Intensity has been a constant, as evidenced by five fouls by both teams (although neither of them crossed the line and thus did not have any direct free-kicks), suggesting an emotional second half. Even the streetcar will certainly do its best to reverse the course of events. Remember, the Sol Bridge crest has already beaten Benfica this season – in a game on 16 October 2021, in the second round of the regular period, we won 3-1.

rest! Tram 0 Benfica 2.

In the 20th minute, Hugo Neves shot, and Andre Sosa hit the goal wide from the right.

19th minute: Robinho gets a yellow card.

19th minute: Fifth foul by Benfica.

18th minute: Nielsen crosses from the left, the ball deflects towards Ferrugam, who almost scores an own goal, but Andre Correa’s excellent intervention prevents the Reds’ three-pointer.

16min: Fourth foul by Benfica.

15th minute: Benfica coach Purpis asks for a technical break.

15 minutes: Hugo Neves yellow card.

15 minutes: The tram makes its fifth mistake. The Alentejo were barred from committing more infractions in the first half or were penalized with a direct free-kick.

In the 13th minute, Igor Mota shot from the edge of the penalty area and the ball went over Andre Sosa’s left post.

12 minutes: Benfica scored! Rocha near the right flanked Pesinho and hit hard with his left foot, 0-2.

11 minutes: Benfica fouls for the third time.

10th minute: Frugham is booked.

10 minutes: The tram makes its fourth mistake.

10 minutes: The tram makes its third mistake.

In the 9th minute, John Lennon shot from the edge of the penalty area and the ball was slightly higher than Andre Sosa’s goal.

In the 8th minute, Peshinho evaded Tayebi’s man-marking and shot hard, but Andre Sosa blocked the ball.

7 minutes: Tram’s second foul.

4 minutes: Benfica scores! Robinho and Ivan Chischkara made long-range crosses, 0-1.

3 min: Tram commits first foul.

3rd minute: Ivan Chischkara attempts a long shot, but Andre Correa makes a difficult save. In rebounding, Rocha also aimed at the opposite goal, but Andre – Correa made another excellent intervention.

3rd minute: Robinho shoots, Andre Correa saves a corner.

2 minutes: Benfica fouls for the second time.

2 mins: Ivan Chischkara and Nelson shoot from close range and over the bar. Incredible loss for the Eagles at No. 9.

1 minute: John Lennon saves Andre Sousa.

1 minute: Foul by Benfica.

Game start!

Electric (June 5): Andre Correa, Ferrugam, Matthews Kojikowski CGustavo Rodriguez and John Lennon

Substitute: Alexey Popovich, Diogo Basílio, Russo, Hugo Neves, Peixinho, Daniel Airoso and Ygor Mota

coach: Joao Freitas Pinto

Benfica (starting five): Andre Sousa, Alfonso Jesus, Robinho CIvan Chiskara and Rocha

Substitute: Martim Figueira, Arthur, Rafael Henmi, Nílson, Tayebi, Bruno Cintra, Carlos Monteiro and Jacaré

coach: pulp

referee: Thiago Silva (Porto) and Alexandre Costa (Aveiro)

There is already a team!

The Alentejo reached this stage after beating SC Braga in three games (1-1 and 4-5 after penalties; 4-1 and 5-4 respectively), while the Reds were in just two games ( 3-1 and 3-0).

Eléctrico host Benfica tonight (9pm) in the first game of the play-off semi-finals of the National Futsal Championship. BOLA online will tell you everything about this game. Come with us, dear readers…

Good night!


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