After all, this new version of Apple has a lot of Android in it.

After all, this new version of Apple has a lot of Android in it.

Apple’s focus on iOS 16 is very good, which was clearly visible in last Monday’s demo. By betting on its novelty right away, it’s clear that there’s a lot to show and focus on users.

Strangely, by convention, these news are only available in the Apple ecosystem. Compared to Android, these features have been around for years. Come see how iOS 16 is inspired by Android.

After all, this new version of Apple has a lot of Android in it.

As always, when a new iOS or Android is released, comparisons and differences are immediately sought. You can quickly find salient places and features that are presented as innovations, after all, just copied or adapted.

#1 - Personalized Lock Screen with Widgets

One of the first new features of iOS 16 is its lock screen and the possibility to place widgets there. Apple says there's something completely new in its system that should change how it's used.

iOS 16 Android Apple Features

This is also the first point we know that the copy is done through Android. This has been done on the Google system for many years, and offers far more possibilities than it does on the iPhone system today.

#2 - Smart dictation and fully processed on-device

Another novelty now related to usability and security is the possibility to dictate long texts, where punctuation marks are applied correctly, giving the user freedom. Privacy here is guaranteed by the fact that the text does not leave the iPhone.

iOS 16 Android Apple Features

This is another area where Google has had a say for years. The basic Android keyboard already offers a lot in this area, the user can simply specify what he wants and apply this text without any internet connection.

#3 - Photo galleries shared between users

iOS 16 strengthens the commitment to sharing. The brand wants to create an ecosystem where users can exchange information, so it has now created the sharing of photo galleries. It's not simple and gives the user a lot of control.

iOS 16 Android Apple Features

People who use Android and Google services are well aware of this pre-existing capability. As Apple has now announced, users can choose who to share with, how and under what conditions. Again, this is nothing new.

#4 - Various points on the map service route

Finally, we have one of the new features that iPhone users love most. In iOS 16, users can now set up multiple waypoints in Apple Maps. Just add these points and the indication will come naturally.

iOS 16 Android Apple Features

Here, with years of experience in the field, Google is again in the limelight. This possibility has been around for a long time and is available. First it appeared in browsers, and later it expanded to apps for Android and iOS.

It's clear that many of the new iOS features are inspired by the competition and what it has to offer. Of course, Android does the same, but not in terms of features, but in terms of ideas and new proposals for the system itself.

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