Adrenaline reaches 1 million subscribers on YouTube

Adrenaline reaches 1 million subscribers on YouTube

The mark was reached this afternoon (07) and there was a live celebration

Today is a very special day in Chinese history epinephrineour channel YouTube Exceed 1 million subscribers, this afternoon (07), just before 5pm (Brasilia time), reached that goal.The very important feat was broadcast live on the channel and was present Fabio Fay, Founding Partner of epinephrine and host Diego Kerber and Casciano Presotto.

Check out how this millionaire lived to celebrate below epinephrine.

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In order to earn your first million, it is necessary The team’s nearly 12 years of hard work and dedicationthe channel’s first video was posted on August 13, 2010, out of the box by Fabio Fay from video card ASUS Areslook at the moment when history begins below adrenaline channel exist YouTube.

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The most viewed video so far is from Diego Kerber present Terrible advice you shouldn’t follow on your computerat the time this publication was published, the trademarks of 1,846,060 viewsto view the videos below the most viewed videos on the channel.

like i said Uncle Ben, “With great power comes great responsibility”, its channel has been around for almost 12 years epinephrine Responsible for providing content about hardware, providing many memorable moments, there are countless video broadcastseveral videos show the components of assembling a computer, including tutorials that are well explained for beginners and hobbyists, always striving to use a more relaxed and inviting tone for the audience.

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The addition of hardware and video games has always been the focus of the channel, blending information and entertainment, connecting people of different minds who are passionate about the wonderful world of technology.

we start from epinephrine We thank everyone who contributes to the brand for their care, attention and dedication 1 million subscribers on our channel YouTube Achieved, we will continue to work hard to always provide you with the best content, salute to more than 1 million trusted fans epinephrine.

Be a part of this celebration and participate in the comments on what’s the video epinephrine Most noticeable to you.

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How long can a graphics card last? Should I spend more money?
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