A BOLA – H. Patins: Decisive Benfica Athletic Live (18:30) (A BOLA TV)

A BOLA – H. Patins: Decisive Benfica Athletic Live (18:30) (A BOLA TV)

This Sunday, June 12, you can tv ball (Meo Channel 13, Vodafone Channel 31 and NOWO Channel 64)…

tv ball Another great broadcast is available this Sunday (6:30pm). Sporting and Benfica meet in Pavilhão João Rocha for the fifth and final match of the hockey Division I play-off semi-final. Eternal rivals are tied 2-2 at this stage of the race, and this Sunday’s race promises to fill the Alvalade circuit with excitement. The winner of this match was FC Porto, who passed Óquei de Barcelos after winning three matches.

Switzerland-Portugal at Bollard Domingo (21:35)

Switzerland-Portugal, in the fourth round of the Nations League, will be in Sunday dance. Fernando Guerra, Jorge Castelo, José Manuel Delgado, Pedro Henriques and José Caetano are commentators on the show, moderated by editorial coordinator Jorge Pessoa e Silva.During the Swiss conference, Jorge Castelo Extra ball (20:35)read the first 45 minutes in the company of João José Pires.

Switzerland-Portugal unveils A BOLA DAS 7 (5:30pm)

Two and a half hours before the race in Switzerland, tv ball A preview of Portugal’s fourth game of the Nations League at this stage. Joao Jose Pires will be joined by Fernando Guerra, Jorge Castro, Jose Manuel Delgado and Jose Caetano.already afternoon dance (5:00 PM) Introduction by João José Pires.

Magazine TT Premiere (10.30am)

Two years after hosting the final stage of the 2019 season, Rio Maior is back with the second round of the 17th Yamaha Trophy, TT’s oldest trophy. Portugal.

Special: Barcelona Marathon (12h25)

During the 43rd edition of the Barcelona Marathon, 10,000 runners walked the streets of the Spanish city, passing the most iconic locations. A file not to be missed!

ENGINES with Leiria and Castelo Branco (1:25pm)

this week Debut exist enginea preview of the Portuguese Rotax Championship and the Castelo Branco Rally in Leiria, the first asphalt race of the season.

eSkootr at the premiere (14:25)

ESC is the new champion of a new sport: eSkootr. 30 riders will drive a unique electric scooter ready for the race. In this episode, we’ll learn more about the new sport and meet some riders.


Philip MartinsThe instructor responsible for climbing the historic Casa Pia is Exclusive interviewthe show you can and should see this Wednesday at 1:25pm tv ball. After 83 years, the historic club Pinamanique is back at the highest level of Portuguese football.However, for Philip Martinstime is not a dream… He stayed in the hospital bed for five weeks, lost 10 kilograms, and rethought his life… Today, he opened his heart tv ball. Testimony portrayed with intense emotion, presented in first person to journalist Erin Palma! Should not be missed!


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