2 more earthquakes in Divinopolis; Rede Seismographic at least 7 records in one week | Midwest

2 more earthquakes in Divinopolis; Rede Seismographic at least 7 records in one week | Midwest

Divinopolis Registration Two more earthquakes occurred on Friday (14), one at 0:04 and the opposite at 18:04. According to the Seismic Network of Brazil (RSBR), the town has now skilled at least 7 such occasions in 1 week.


The first recorded was on Tuesday (11) with a magnitude of three.0 on the Richter scale, a determine thought-about low. The different recorded amplitudes ranged from 1.6 to 2.9.

The metropolis corridor mentioned that after the second recording, on Wednesday (thirteenth), it contacted the Seismological Centre of the Department of Geophysics of the Institute of Astronomy, Geophysics and Atmospheric Sciences of the University of São Paulo to tell and discover out more about what occurred.

Residents felt the shock. From the communities of Lagoa dos Mandarins, Icaraí, Centro Industrial, Ponte Funda, Belvedere, Manoel Valinhas and Danilo Passos.

Earthquakes recorded in Divinopolis

date Hour magnitude
01/14 18:04 2.2
01/14 0:04 1.6
01/13 11:58 pm 2.0
01/13 7:30pm 1.8
01/13 3:32pm 2.9
01/13 3:25pm 2.8
01/10 8:13pm 3.0


Meeting at City Hall to debate the town’s second earthquake — Photo: Divinópolis City Hall/Disclosure

When the second earthquake occurred, g1 Check with directors and the fireplace division for any attendance records.

According to the town corridor, there have been many individuals calling to ask what was happening. There isn’t any report of firefighters.

In the face of those calls, the town authorities issued a be aware stating that Deputy Mayor Janete Aparecida (PSC), along with Mayor Gleidson Azevedo (PSC), Administrative Secretary Thiago Nunes and Communications Director Samara Souza, contacted the Seismological Center of the University of São Paulo for Astronomy, Geophysics and Atmosphere The Head of the Geophysics Department of the Institute of Science informs and obtains more details about the occasion.

“Jackson Calhoun Sousa, a member of the division’s technical governing physique, requested each Divinopolitan who felt the tremor affiliation, in the ‘Sentiu Ai’ space and inform what occurred. The records of the Divinopolitans might assist students uncover attainable causes of the tremors felt in the town in current days,” the be aware concluded.

According to the RSBR, a shock of magnitude 2 to 4 is much like the shock of a giant, heavy automobile passing by. A magnitude between 4 and 6 can break glass, trigger cracks in partitions and transfer furnishings.

In addition, in accordance with the RSBR, earthquakes of magnitude between 6 and 7 may cause harm to buildings and harm fragile constructions. Levels 7 to eight trigger extreme harm to buildings, with massive cracks in the bottom, ranges 8 to 9 trigger harm to bridges, viaducts, and practically all constructions, and whole harm over degree 9 has seen ripples.

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